Saturday, December 9, 2017

My New Hiding Place

Have you ever decided to make chocolate chip cookies and find someone has eaten the entire bag of chocolate chips?   If you have teenagers, I bet you have!  Over the years we have gotten creative and found some great hiding places for things we would love to have a taste of before they are consumed in an instant!  

When I got a deal on chocolate chips last week I knew I better come up with someplace real quick.   I've been organizing my ironing board cupboard and storing my material elsewhere.  Right away, I knew this was the perfect place!   I'm the only one who sews or irons around here.  

Sooner or later though it seems like all our hiding places are found and we have to start thinking again. We are currently looking for a inside place to hide our pop so it won't freeze and bust in the backyard play house.  The granddaughter seemed to think that's where the pop must belong.

Are we crazy or do you do things like this too?  

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