Sunday, July 22, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 7/22/18!

Here are the ways I've saved this past week:

Our neighbors cat taking a nap in our yard.   He does this every day.  

Found some wood smoker chips and some balls for the grandchildren in the free box at a garage sale.  I also found 2 blouses for me for $1.00 a piece.  Garage sales were few and far between this past week.  

We had a few hot days so I decided to make sun tea.  I just used jars that I had saved when from when we bought fresh milk one year.  

Sold an item on a Facebook group.  Selling in a Facebook group is kind of wild for me but it's free and usually fast.  I remember when we had to buy an ad in the paper.  I'm old!  

Cut up netting for dish scrubbies (I bought the netting last year on sale).

I bought a new Kindle Fire on Prime Day.   Mine is definitely on it's way out. They were a great deal so I knew it was time to buy while the price was right and not wait till it quit completely.  I also bought a $25.00 Amazon gift card and a $5.00 bonus was applied to my account.  This will go in my present stash.  

I raked the leaves in the corner of the lot and added them to the compost bin.  

We were given some greens by our gardening friend and neighbor. 

I made lasagna and hash browns from zucchini in our garden.  

I so wanted to boost of a great tasting loaf of bread but instead here is my baking fail:

We have looked everywhere for a low carb bread.  I saw this recipe and just knew it was a winner.  After almost choking to death I knew I had done something wrong.   Daughter informed me that I was using Almond meal not flour.   I wondered why mine looked darker than he had pictured.  Never too old to learn!  I'll update you when I get my Almond Flour.  


Last weeks goal was to clean up the corner of our lot and I'm halfway there.  This is where things go when we don't know what to do with them.  There are a lot of odds and ends there.  He came up on me while I was throwing things in the trash can and I just knew that I was throwing things away he wanted.  All he said was that I was doing a great job. Whew!  We discussed how we would better organize what would be left.

Start detailing the cars on cool days.  

Dehydrate some zucchini noodles.  

What are the ways you saved this past week?

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