Sunday, September 30, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 9/30/18!

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Here are the ways  we helped our household and saved this past week:

It's getting colder here now.  The nights are in the high 30's or low 40's but it hasn't come a frost yet.  I'm still harvesting pumpkins and the last of the tomatoes.  

As I've been harvesting the last of the produce in the garden I've also been gathering and saving seeds this week.  I have heirloom rattlesnake green bean, marigold, and pepper seeds on the table drying right now.   You can see how I dry my heirloom rattlesnake green bean seed here.  

My dinning room table is a work horse and isn't a show piece that's for sure.  Besides seeds drying there is a bag for my daughter (knobs for her cabinets), bills in the napkin holder, a bouquet of zinnias, a library book, some black bag that belongs to my husband, and his hat that he wears outside. This is after I cleared many things off this morning!  Don't worry I'll make room for breakfast when he gets up.  

I canned seven quarts of mustard greens

I've been having trouble making yogurt for awhile and had just gave up.  I decided to give it a try once more and used Money Saving Mom's yogurt recipe.   It was a success and I'm now saving a lot of money.   Total cost around .60 to make at home -to buy that much at Aldi's around $3.75 and at Kroger $5.00 or more for name brand yogurt.  I make Greek Yogurt by putting the yogurt in a clean pillowcase then straining in a colander over a bowl.  

Our sump pump was smoking this past week and on it's last leg.  My husband installed the sump pump he bought at a estate sale for $7.50.  I couldn't save as much money without him!  

Both my husband and I went to JCPenny Saturday morning and received a $10 off $10 coupon on Saturday. He gave me his and I bought myself a pair of much need jeans and essentials.  Total cost $20.

We went for a relaxing country drive yesterday and picked up two items to sell on the side of the road.  I'll put them up to sell next week.  

I have been saving my milk jugs for winter sowing.  I've been putting holes in the bottom and cutting them in half as I go along.  I then put them on a rope to keep them together.  A little quirk of mine is when I wash and dry out a milk jug I throw them out the bathroom window.  It's in the back and no one sees the pile but me (I hope). 

My goals for this Week:

Harvest more mustard greens at the end of the week and can again.  My husband sheered them pretty good but they are growing back now.  

What are the ways you saved this week? 

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