Sunday, September 9, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Week 9/9/18!

Here are the ways  we've helped our household and saved this past week:

We went on a date yesterday to the car show in Frankenmuth MI and only spent $20.  We spent $5 a piece getting in, $5.00 for  donuts from the bakery (yes we were diet cheaters yesterday), and $5.00 for two coffees.  It's always great to get out by ourselves for a little while.   He loves cars so for awhile I act like I know something and enjoy his company for a few hours!  I'll post more car pictures later in the week.  Meanwhile all of the kids and other grownups went to a Free Corn Maze and then a free Fall get together.  Everyone had fun.

We stopped at garage sales on the way home and I found a food mill for $5.00 and some toys.   I also found three 500 count paper napkin packages for $4.00 never opened.  They were drink napkins she had leftover from a party but still large enough for us to use at the table. We are well supplied for quite awhile. 

She loved the beads (I spent $1.50) and we spent a long time making bracelets.   I also looked in the free box and found some plastic cups drinking cups for them.   

We all came home and I had enough freezer meal burritos for everyone.  Well the kids wanted fried bologna. ha ha.

I canned 10 quarts of sauerkraut.  Not bad for 4, smaller than normal, cabbages this year.  

I filled out the Kroger survey for more fuel rewards.

I stayed very close to our budget when I went grocery shopping this past week.

It has turned cold this week.  We went from summer to Fall here in a week it seems.   Here is the first tree that I have spotted that is starting to turn.  Brr.  They have promised warmer temps next week. 

Since it was cooler husband put new brakes on one of the cars.  

My Goals for this next week:

Stay within the grocery bill-work hard at the ads!  

Looking at the mustard greens I should be canning some of those at the end of the week.

What are the ways you saved this week?

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