Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Grocery Shopping Total for this Week 9/8/18

This week I spent a lot of time studying the ads more making sure I got the best deal.  I went to Kroger at the beginning of the week to make sure I got the Free Friday Downloads before they expired.  Then we went again last night to get the Fri/Sat deal and some other things we needed.  

We did not go to the farm market this week because the apples we love are not in season yet.  This is the first year that our apple trees in our backyard have fruit on them and I counted 8 apples.  

I want to keep our grocery budget at $100.00. This week I've been more successful.   I always forget to clarify how many people live here permanently and who we have her to babysit.   We have 3 people that live here (youngest daughter buys some of her groceries) and we babysit two grandchildren (although now they will be in school most days).  

We also want to eat healthy so our grocery bill is a little higher than we are used to.  Like my husband says, "our health is our wealth."


2 Picsweet roasted  potatoes $3.99 each(free coupons from BZZ Agent)
3 Garden Lite products $3.29 each (gave them to my daughter -I won the coupons on a blog contest) 
Zone Perfect Bar (free Friday)
2 VO5 shampoo .54 (after paper coupon for .50 off two)
Ezekiel Bread $3.99 
Bananas  $1.59
Mentos Gum (free after digital coupon)
Peatos (free Friday)

Tax  .79

Total   $6.75


Meijer sent me some coupons in the mail that I loved.  I made sure I got the deals right and took off one morning with the granddaughter.  She couldn't make up her mind which donut so she got both !  

Bananas   $.72 (after 50 % off coupon in the mail)
2 donuts (granddaughter)   $1.50
Lettuce   .73 (after .25 coupon in the mail)
Decorative Icing for sugar cookies $1.74 (after $1.50 coupon received previously at checkout)
Half and Half  $1.69 (after .50 coupon in the mail)
Stroh's Ice Cream $1.00 (after $1.00 mperks coupon) -we will be using this for one of the grandchildren's birthday's next month
4 Prego Pasta sauce .75  (after buy 5 get $5 off deal)
Silk Almond Milk $1.49 (after .50 coupon in the mail and after buy 5 get $5.00 off deal)

Total  $11.92


Yogurt  $5.38 
brachs mints $4.98
cracklins $2.98
sweetner 2 @$3.96
Byers Low Carb Ice cream 2 @$3.18
Ham (reduced) $3.27
Deli chicken $2.25
sour cream $1.00
Truvia $5.73

Total $44.34


4 -2 liters of Kroger Pop .59 each (grandchild's party)
Kroger chocolate milk $1.29 (grandson loves this)
2 packages of John Morel Bacon $2.99 each
5 Packages of Oscar Mayer sliced deli meat $1.99 each (Fri/Sat deal)
Koegel Bologna $4.79 (fried bologna for the grandkids when they are here)
5 jars of Peanut Butter $1.00 each
8  Gillette Shave Gel at .99 each (this is all they had so we will probably get more next week)
2 VO5 shampoos .54 each after coupon (I found my other coupon)
Total $40.31

Grand total spent $103.32

How did you do grocery shopping this week?  

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