Saturday, October 13, 2018

Grocery Shopping Total for this Past Week 10/13/18!

I found out that a great way to keep the grocery bill low is to stay out of the grocery store!  I didn't feel the best these past couple of days so it was good on the budget!  Husband went out to get the basics all week long.  

I did slip in to Meijer's last Saturday to get the chicken noodle soup and I'm so glad I did!   A couple of us really needed it and the Vernors!  

A Little Information:

I want to keep our grocery budget at $100.00. I always forget to clarify how many people live here permanently and who we have her to babysit.   We have 3 people that live here (youngest daughter buys some of her groceries) and we babysit two grandchildren (although now they will be in school most days).

We also want to eat healthy so our grocery bill is a little higher than we are used to.  Like my husband says, "our health is our wealth.

Last week we went over $34.00 so I'm adding that in.


20 cans of Campbell's condensed soup for the winter $11.80 (This has come in handy already a couple of us were sick and I was one of them.  I just can't make my homemade chicken noodle soup when I'm sick)

Total $11.80

#2 Trip to Meijer

Milk $2.29
Half and Half  $2.30
3 bags of low carb wraps $4.39 each
3 Koegels bologna (we have been having a hard time finding this for some reason) -$4.79 each

Total $32.22

$6.00 for a low carb bread at the Farmers Market.  We love it!  

Total $84.02-  

We have an extra $15.98 for next week! 

How did you do grocery shopping this week?  

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