Sunday, November 18, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Week 11/18/18

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I made 8 jars of Low Sugar Blueberry jam (edited) while it was snowing one day.  I'm already using one of the jars.

I made pie crusts ahead to freeze.  

I bought two turkeys last week for 37 cents a pound to go in the freezer.   My daughter is bringing one for me to cook on Thanksgiving so these two will be used later in the winter.

I stayed within the grocery budget.

Our Lowe's stores (home improvement store) are closing so we decided to take back one of the cabinet doors that was bubbling before they do.  They will mail a replacement to us.  It seems like many great stores are closing. I'm a little worried about where we will shop!

We have been really watching our electric usage.  We have been diligent about turning the lights off and use a small night light for the kitchen at night. It's gets very dark here though so the lights do have to come on around 4:30 p.m.  in order to see and not be depressed!  

Goals for this week:

Make a pumpkin cake roll and dinner rolls before Thanksgiving day.  I haven't made homemade rolls in a while because we have gotten hooked on eating King's Hawaiian rolls for Thanksgiving.  My husband reminded me though how sweet they are and that we should look for an alternative.  We want to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving but not go too overboard like before.  

The forecast shows that we will go back to Fall a little this weekend and what little snow is left will melt.   I want to rake my leaves and vacuum the cars while it's not frigid.  Husband has plans to clean the gutters.   The jobs are lining up!  

What are the way's you've saved this past week?


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