Saturday, March 2, 2019

Grocery Shopping Total this week and For the Month of February 3/2/19!

So I'm looking over my receipt this week and I'm trying to remember why I stepped inside Kroger.   I  remember now  it was for the oranges.   I was still under the weather with a cold and husband said while you that way pick up some grapefruit and oranges.  We did need some vitamin C in the house.  They ended up being the  best oranges we had this year but I ended up paying a little over  $30.00 for that fruit!   

Now I did get a deal on 6 of these ham steaks for $1.89.   That was a great find and I grabbed all but one.  I felt bad about clearing them out and left one for the lady behind me who I heard "huff" a little Sheesh, you try to be nice.

6 Ham Steaks                              $1.89 each
3 bags of Kroger Kidney Beans  $1.29 a bag
Bananas                                       $1.12
2 gallons of milk                         $1.79 each
Kroger navels                              $5.99 a bag
Mission Tortilla                           $3.99 (low carb)
Peanut Butter                               $2.39 (2 lb)
Total                                             $32.28

Total for February

$119.92- Feb 2
$75.00    Feb 9
$108.92  Feb 16
$86.33- Feb. 23
$32.28- Feb 26

$422.45-  Over the budget and I hope to do better this month!  It's not bad I think with the problems February threw my way.  

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Lana said...

Those ham steaks are always nice to have around. We are at the lake so no regular shopping but we did stop at Ingles for BOGO raw honey which was only $1.08 with the sale and Ibotta. I also spotted a $3/2 coupon for any Smithfield so we grabbed 4 pounds of bacon that was BOGO and paid $1.98 a pound. Also got a gallon of milk for $1.45 plus a pack of cupcakes ended up in the cart. Under $20 for the week.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Great deals Lana! You just got to go when there are prices that low.

Jenny said...

I always feel a twinge of guilt reading your budget posts....I don't really try very hard to stay in budget. My idea of luxury is buying what I want at the grocery store I guess & it's the only place I splurge. pretty much from scratch & not buying processed foods seems to keep my budget reasonable. And my husband says we're so frugal in other areas I shouldn't worry about I don't very often!

I did buy some chicken legs again this week to stock my freezer. Aldi had them ,69 a pound, a great price for my area. And I bought a large pack of ground beef to shape into burgers for the freezer. So the burgers keep me from eating out, they're a fast supper.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh no's kind of like we do eating out He doesn't cook so this is way of giving me a break. We work it into our budget and don't worry about it. I think .69 cents a pound for chicken legs is a great price in many areas! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vickie and you did well on the ham steaks for that price :). Considering you were all so sick and you had extreme weather warnings you did well for the month.

Speaking about others huffing behind you I had a similar incident at Christmas when I found the sliced triple smoked ham at the local supermarket deli on Christmas Eve reduced by 80% to $3.40 kg. As soon as they announced it over the speaker I was like a gazelle and fast paced walked over there and beat everyone except one Dad. There was one deli tray left and I got a kilo of it and like you there was about 1/4 of the tray left for others. There were multiple huffs behind me from various people and some even gave me the evil eye in a big way as I headed away with my package :o . The way I look at it is first in gets the bargains. I will if I see a person that maybe on a pension ask them how many they want as aged/seniors pensions here in Australia are low but if there is only 1 or only the amount I need of something I will pick it up and put it in my trolley.

Good news is that our local supermarket is putting the discount e-vouchers where I get $40 of free groceries again near Easter, yay !. This will mean we can stock up on basics that never come on special and build the remaining few items we need to bring us to a years supply of everything except meat which will be about 3 months worth as this is all I can fit into our freezer.

I have found that the small independantly run country supermarkets near us have better clearances and prices on meats on Tuesdays so I will pick up meat from there if possible and also have good loss leader specials as well on other things. The larger supermarket where we get the e-vouchers their meat and personal care items are far dearer even including the 16.66% discount we get. It pays to shop around :) and we are still gaining some local knowledge having just moved here.

We are still on our $50.01 expenditure for the month having purchased items in advance in February for this month and we still have $150 left for the month. We could not pass up the fantastic bargain on the minced beef we got and bought it in bulk.

Going to the 2 local smaller supermarkets on Tuesday next week to see what other discounted meats and things we can pick up to stock our freezer. I am already armed with a list after checking out their specials brochures online.

Our closest supermarket here is 30 minutes away one way and the larger supermarket with the e-vouchers it takes us 40- 45 mins to get there so when we shop we have to be organised and plan ahead to do multiple trips.

Have a fantastic week ahead everyone and I hope you all find some bargains to fill your pantries/fridges/freezers with.

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh you make me feel so much better Lorna. At least they got some, right? Usually when I miss a deal I groan. I'm very sad. I don't like the huffing ha ha.
I always thought that if I lived in the country I would have to make a good list and remember it. I always make a list but it would be of vital importance then. That would take time to get used to for sure.

So glad your vouchers are coming back -I've been realizing it will take a while to do a year's supply and you want a great deal!
Have a great day too!