Sunday, August 4, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 8/4/19!

We are having warm days still here in Michigan.  The nights though are so cool and your reach for your blanket.  Kind of feels like a early Fall.

Here are the ways I saved this past week.     

I've been harvesting more zucchini and cucumbers out of the garden.  It was a long time coming but so worth the wait!  

Neighbor gave me his grass clippings again for the lower part of the garden.  It really helps with the weeds.  

I was able to buy a bottle of dawn dish detergent and 4 boxes of crayons for free at Staples.  They sent me a mystery coupon (worth $5) through email.

Returned an item that I bought on Amazon. I procrastinated but finally returned it while I was at Staples, before it was too late.  

Used my $2.00 ebay bucks towards a new coffee filter for our Keurig type coffee machine.  Our old one just exploded one day.  

I found some great deals at garage sales yesterday.

Goals for this week:

Find a new computer.  This one is on it's way out.

How did you save this week?

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Little Penpen said...

Sounds like a good week. I love that Amazon is so easy to handle returns. It's sad they are putting so many out of business, but I do love Amazon.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I just read that the return rate on Amazon is like three times as much as a regular store. I do love them but sometimes I get a product that doesn't work for me. I shop at regular stores a lot too so it's about 50/50. Have a great day

Lana said...

We have never been able to get the refillable K cup to work. The Keurig now lives at the lake house since we have a grind and brew type machine me at home. This time when we came one of the other partners put a My K Cup in the cabinet but I wondered if they got it to work.

I bought a spare set of sheets for 14.98 on Sam's one day sale and no sales tax since it is tax free weekend. They will ship for free. Stocked up
on elbow macaroni at 50 cents a box, whole eye of round was 2.99 this weekend so I bought a 7 pound one and used my bonus card rewards for a net cost of $10. It is frozen for the trip home but later on I will thaw it and cut some thin steaks and cube and can the rest for things like beef stew this winter. I ordered and shipped my Dad's birthday presents straight to him from Amazon. Part of that was a half price deal on 5 pounds of gummy bears which are his favorite. Swimming on the lake is free entertainment especially when the fishies keep nibbling us! Heading for home today and back to reality!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

What great deals Lana. I love to ship too directly to a persons home -so much easier. Happy Birthday to your Dad. He will love his gummy bears I bet.
The last one filter we had worked great -I hope this works as well. Husband likes the coffee he grinds the best.
So sad it's time to go back -I'm glad you had a great time at the lake.

Melissa Henderson said...

Saved this week using a coupon for $10 off at $50 purchase at Harris Teeter. The coupon was from another store but HT is honoring competitor coupons. Also, great savings on school supplies for the Salvation Army school supply drive. Have a blessed week!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

What a great coupon Melissa!! Yes I love getting those school supplies too!! I'm glad you give to the drive. Have a great week!

Jenny said...

I did some shopping extra last week. I headed to the city so I could shop at Gordman's, Tj Max, Tuesday Morning, Home Goods, ect.....all those shops that sell cancelled or extras at marked down prices. I enjoy getting a few beauty products & fun things there occasionally. It's more than I would spend on cheaper brands but much less than I would pay for the same products full price.

The thing is that it's hit or miss. Sometimes they don't have what I want but here's some things I was able to find....all on my to do list.

1- got a free car wash at the dealer where we bought our car
2- bought some Torani coffee syrup for $5.99 (instead of $15 new)
3- Bought some dog chews...there is a certain kind I like that one chew will last my dog a week or so of chewing on it. I love them because they keep her from being bored & driving us batty in the evenings. At Walmart they're anywhere from $10 to $20 a bag. I found two bags for $3.99 each!
4- Bought some Biolage shampoo. A bottle will last me almost a year. I can get it at Walmart for $19 or one of the above shops for $9.99
5- Bought some body wash. I love finding those large luxury brands for $3 to $8 a bottle.

You might check out Newegg for a computer. We've had happy results buying refurbished ones through their site. We buy pretty much all of our computer parts there. My husband does know a little bit about building computers so that helps but when we've needed one he browses the refurbished until one he likes is available.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You know I should shop more often at these places. Your really got some great deals there Jenny!
We went yesterday to our favorite computer store and they put in a new bigger hard drive (memory) for $75.00 so I thought that was too bad at all. They said my computer was better than any one they had for sale that was refurbished. So, I'm glad it was fixed. Warranty is for 3 years. I'm going to look at Newegg and see what they have too. I'll get it ahead of time too if I find something! We don't know anything about computers too much but apparently we bought a good one when we did! ha ha

Jenny said...

Thankfully my husband knows a little bit about computers plus we aren't interested in the newest/fastest/best. We just want something we can surf the web with mainly & store files. Most of the ones we owned came from my husband's workplace. They replace their computers every 2 or 3 yrs & sell the old ones in their company store. He knows when & what will be offered before they go on sale so if it's a really good one he grabs it.