Monday, October 14, 2019

My Frugal Ways This Past Week 10/13/19!

Not much happening this past week in the frugal area.  We did decide to make a quick trip to KY this weekend to visit his mother.  I took gift cards I had bought for restaurants with me. I had been saving them for this kind of trip. I was able to buy these gift cards with some of my affiliate money I've earned.   Thank you all so very much!  It's so helpful. 

Before we left I went to JCPenny to use my $25.00 gift certificate I bought with Swagbucks.  I also had my coupon for $15 off $15 when you use your credit card ( we pay it off every month).  I bought a large jar of bare minerals makeup and used the $25.00 gift certificate.  Total cost was $21.00.  I also bought a pair of warm up pants and a blouse for $2.00 that were on clearance after the $15 coupon.  The next day I decided to go to another JCPenny near me and look at their clearance.  I bought a nice blouse for $1.11 after using my $10 reward money.  Total spent approximately $24.00!  

My Garlic had all clumped together in the spice bottle.  It was probably from the heat and humidity that we had during our quick summer.  Instead of throwing it away I put it in the blender and it's ready to use again.  

We gathered seeds from the greasy green beans (heirloom) we planted.  We didn't eat any of these beans, we just grew them mainly for more seeds.  A half row of these beans grew enough for us to make 3 or 4 rows next summer.  

Husband changed the oil in both vehicles saving us close to $100.00.  He bought the oil at an estate sale.  

I got a great deal on pistachios This past week.  Great snack for the trip.

This is what was on our dinner table before we left:

Monday                  Steak and onion sandwiches  (low carb tortillas, sub buns for him)

Tuesday                  Lasagna (used the rest of sub buns for garlic bread)

Wednesday             Leftovers

Thursday                Getting ready to leave we thought about eatinout but really with 4 days of eating out in our future we knew we would be sick of it.  I got a canned ham out of my storage and put brown sugar on it then stuck it into the oven.  Opened up a can of baked beans and warmed them up on the stove.  With fresh tomatoes we called it dinner!  

I bought a couple of these canned hams from Aldi's for ER storage and this was a great way to try them out before we bought more.  It was not too bad and it's even better in a sandwich.  Not quite sure I'll buy more or not.  Really tasted like glorified spam.

How did you save money this past week?

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Anonymous said...

Vickie well done on the new clothing you purchased using the gift cards and promotions you had available. So good you have a handy husband like I do as it saves so much money by doing things ourselves. The restaurant gift cards came in really handy for your trip too :) .

Here is what we got accomplished last week -

Home maintenance -
- We finally got an electrician with a reasonable pricing to install our 90 cm oven,upgrade house fuses and run larger cabling, replace 2 fluro lights in the kitchen with LED fluros and replace a light baton in the bathroom downstairs saving us $697 odd over getting the other electrician to do it for us.

Finances -
- Listed 10 items on a free listing Ebay promotion saving $16.50 on usual listing costs.

In the gardens -
- Separated and thinned out beetroot and silverbeet seedlings growing too close together.
- We didn't measure it but we believe we had about 10mm + of rain yesterday and overnight into this morning. Our two top 3000 gallon rain water tanks are full and it was sufficient to almost top our bottom 5000 gallon rainwater tank too. We are so grateful and relieved to not have to worry about water for a while now. More storms forecast for Thursday next week :).

Purchases -
- We got an email for 10% off online grocery orders which came for once when we needed to do our monthly shopping so we took advantage of it saving $26.62 on usual prices. We stocked up mainly on staples that never come on special and topped up our food storage to a 12 month level on the remaining items we needed as well as our usual groceries and still came in under budget :).

Hope everyone has and will have a wonderful week ahead :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Jenny said...

I had few things as well this week though one was really big.

I exchanged $100 of insulin at Walmart pharmacy. We buy my husband's insulin over the counter, not through insurance, because it's cheaper. We have to go out of the way to get to the pharmacy so I usually buy 4 vials so I don't need to go as often. I had gone through the drive through to buy this time. A few days later when my husband went to reload his patch he realized I was given Novilin-N instead of Novilin-R...a serious mistake for a diabetic. I am so glad he noticed! I just took the bag & never opened it. He had opened one vial but we doubted they would exchange any of them.

So I took them & respectfully explained that I was given the wrong thing (I had never even heard of Novolin-N so I couldn't have asked for it). I was shocked when the manager exchanged them all with no charge! And very relieved as well. So not really a savings but a rescue from an expensive goof.

I have never been a Walmart basher....we've always had such good experiences like this (though their check outs can be terrible at times).

My other frugal save; I mended my favorite pair of jeans. I've procrastinated until cold weather. I had two rips coming straight down from the waistband near the pockets....I think from putting things in & out of the pockets. I'd tried iron on patches but they just did not work with where the tears were. So I sewed them roughly together then embroidered some sweet little pink flowers over the mends. I'm super happy with how it turned out. If you follow me on IG I posted pics there. Very amateur embroidery but I love it.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You are the second one Lorna that has mentioned today they had rain (a friend in Florida also had rain). I'm so excited for you! I can just imagine your relief!
I'm glad you found an electrician. It's amazing how much we have had to update lighting in our house too. It makes a big difference! Have a wonderful week!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh my goodness how scary that he was given the wrong meds Jenny. I'm glad they just exchanged it for you. Goodness I'd better start really looking you just never know what might happen.
Your jean mending sounds pretty. I'll have to visit over at IG.
Have a great day!