Sunday, October 20, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 10/20/19!

This week for me as been trying to get used to the colder weather.  I'm not complaining when I say it's cold, I'm just stating the facts!  I might as well get used to it I guess because winter is coming!  

With the threat of a freeze we got busy and harvested last of the garden.  We quickly gathered a basket full of mustard greens and 7 cabbages. We have been enjoying the cabbage for dinner all week long. 

I also picked a basket full of  green tomatoes from the volunteer plants by the compost bin.  I wrapped them in newspaper to help them ripen slowly.  

They were right on the forecast and by the next morning all the beautiful zinnias were gone.  I'll be saving the seed soon for next year.    

I've always found it easier to get the garden cleaned up after a frost.  The plant material is dead and you can get the tomato cages and poles out of the ground so much easier. If I do it before a frost I have to cut tangled vines first.  I'm almost done with that part and I can start raking the fall leaves on top soon.  

Husband found an old lawnmower  along side the road to use for parts.

We went to a garage sale and husband found a Land's End winter jacket and 4 tshirts.  I found some netting in the free box to make dish scrubbies.  It's amazing that we are still finding garage sales this late in the season.  

We stocked up on our favorites when we went to Kentucky this past week.  Great deals that we have a hard time finding here.  

My goals for this Week:

Finish getting the bean poles out of the garden.  

Clean the carpets.

How did you save money this past week?

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Lana said...

I bet that cabbage is delicious! You always do so well at yard sales. I think if we want to get those deals we will actually have to go to them!

Jenny said...

We had to turn our heat on for a few nights but it didn't last long. Thankfully we haven't needed the AC!

My two things...

1) I came up with a new menu at the last moment. This, to me is why we plan ahead & make frugality a way of life. I started to cook an easy supper of fish with a garden salad. I was using a new brand of Parmesan encrusted fish that I thought my husband could eat. As I checked how long it needed to bake I realized it was 29 carbs per serving....way too many for my husband. Because I keep simple meals stocked I opened a can of Progresso chicken soup, chopped up about a cup of leftover rotisserie chicken & added a can of sliced mushrooms. We had soup & salad instead of fish & salad.

2) I finally patched some holes & scuffed spots in my kitchen with old paint. I'd saved the leftover paint in canning jars when I painted & it's at least 10 yrs old. I was considering a new coat of paint when I decided to just see how it would look if I 'spot' painted. My walls have so many imperfections that I never get a smooth coat with new paint. After spot painting I looked the walls over in different light for a few days & decided it's done. No moving furniture, taping up, ect. With everything in place & all clean it looks like a fresh coat of paint!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

That cabbage has been delicious. Making cabbage rolls tomorrow!
Yes it's fun to go for us and see what we can find at yard sales. Have a great day Lana!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I know what you mean about those carbs -they fool you sometimes under the healthy look! I'm glad you caught it!
I hate to paint and your idea is a good one Jenny! Just a little work and it's done. New spiffed up kitchen. Have a great day!

Little Penpen said...

We've had a few chilly mornings, but we haven't turned on the heat yet. I love Luck's beans; we've had them for New Year's Day (black eyed peas) several times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie and I am so glad you got your cabbage and mustard greens in before the frost got them and well done on looking up the forecast. I suppose the ground sort of freezes and contracts so you can get the posts and tomato cages out, well makes sense to me anyway :) . You did well at the garage sales too.

Our savings last week added up to $607.11 in savings :).

Grocery stockpiling -
- With the blessing of supermarket discount vouchers, racq gift cards and weekly specials we were able to stock up on 2 cartons of tinned mangoes and a years supply of shampoo and conditioner on sale.

Finances -
- Paid an extra payment off our mortgage saving time and interest off our home loan.

Purchases -
- From IGA on clearance we purchased 1kg of strawberries for $2 which was dessert for two nights, 2.07 kg of apples for $3, bananas at a low price of $3 kg, peanuts for $7 kg and value packs of tim tams and mint slices for $2.25 ea saving in total $21.31 on usual prices.
- Bought 2 logs lifters with peevie hooks and post pullers in one unit for $170 ea saving $512.50 on prices elsewhere we had seen. These are rare as hens teeth to find as they are not commercially made anymore and usually cost a fortune. We were fortunate enough to find them in a tyre repair store where the new owner wanted to liquidate them so we wrangled a good price.
- Received 200g of swiss cheese & a 8 pack of bolognese Arancini free as a sample as I am a taste tester for a supermarket saving $8.60 over purchasing them.
- Bought a RACQ gift card for groceries saving 5% or $7.90.
- Our local supermarket was having a $15 off $160 pick up order promotion so we put in an order. With weekly specials and the supermarket promotion code we were able to save $56.80 on usual prices.

Home spring cleaning -
- I damp dusted the whole home.
- We moved furniture in the lounge room into a better configuration and I damp dusted walls, skirting boards, doors, a buffet and entertainment unit.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

They do make some great beans!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You had some great savings Lorna! I bet you love your job as a taste tester. Great benefits!
I probably needed to clarify why it's easier for me to pull up the cages and poles after a frost. The plant material is dead and then I can just pull them up without any resistance. Otherwise I have to cut the tangled vines. I'll go back and say that better. Have a great day.