Saturday, October 19, 2019

My Grocery Shopping Deal this Week: Stocking up in Kentucky 10/19/19!

While we were in Kentucky last weekend we stocked up on our favorite brands for the pantry.  Although sometimes we can find them here, a lot of the times they are not in stock. So, now we are good for quite awhile, well at least until Spring.  

We have found the beans cheaper than the 75 cents a can that we paid this time but we didn't find a sale. They make for a easy meal with some cornbread like I made on Tuesday.  Really, if you make these right no one knows they are not made from scratch!  

What great deals did you find this week grocery shopping?

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Lana said...

Those foods are definitely necessities! Comfort food for the winter I would say.

We got some freebies with iBotta and qts of coffee creamer for 74 cents with iBotta yesterday. Deals have been really slim here and I don't want to start running around to the stores for an item or two at good prices so I am waiting. We are so well stocked though that it dies not hurt to reduce our supply a bit.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes that's the way I feel too Lana. Not enough deals to get excited about. I love that deal with I gotta with your creamer. You can't beat that price

Anonymous said...

Vickie you did well to pick up the items you usually find hard to get in your local area while traveling :) . I chat to a few people in the States who are telling me prices are rising and they have seen a lot of shelves empty in supermarkets so probably wise to stock up when you see the sales as we do here.

These are the some of the bargains we got while shopping -

- From IGA on clearance we purchased 1kg of strawberries for $2 which was dessert for two nights, 2.07 kg of apples for $3, bananas at a low price of $3 kg, peanuts for $7 kg and value packs of tim tams and mint slices for $2.25 ea saving in total $21.31 on usual prices.
- Bought a RACQ gift card for groceries saving 5% or $7.90 of free groceries to the value of :) .
- Our local supermarket was having a $15 off $160 pick up order promotion so we put in an order. With weekly specials and the supermarket promotion code we were able to save $56.80 on usual prices.
- With combining the weekly specials and $15 off promotion code we were able to stock up our supplies further by purchasing -
- 2 cartons of sliced mangoes in syrup (24)
- 8 tins of long life vegetables and meat.
- 50 plastic forks.
- 60 plastic knives.
- 100 plastic teaspoons.
- 2 x 3 pk of disposable razors for me.
- 1 years supply of shampoos and conditioners.
- 2 x 10lts of spring water.
- 2 x packets of chocolate bullets.
- 3 x packets of jelly beans.

In the order we also had all the staples that we have used to date so we are happy with our progress of pushing closer to our 12 month stockpile and only have a few items to get to achieve our goal.

Have a great week ahead everyone :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Your doing great on stockpiling Lorna and you got some great deals. I'm glad to that you are almost to your years supply and that you are thinking outside the food pantry. I was thinking that we had stopped stockpiling for awhile and then decided we stockpiled from our garden this summer. So that's makes me feel a little better. Going to get back to it soon (the beans are a start I guess)! Have a great day!