Sunday, February 2, 2020

How we Did on Our No/Low Spend January 2020!

No spend January picture

I'm sorry to say that, although we did have some savings it just not as much in previous years for our no/low spend January.  Though, if I just count the amount per week we saved on spending money and the savings on groceries, it would be approximately $200.  Not bad but not the best. I hope we can do better next year!


We spent too much on groceries when I stocked up at the Amish Store, leaving our grocery budget in the dust.  The rest of the time we managed to spend less than we normally do, so for that I'm glad.

How we did on spending money:  No matter what they say, the little things add up!  

We both kept our spending money down to a bare minimum.  The pull to go in to Mcdonald's was strong at first and hard to resist.  Our problem is we love to grab a cup of coffee or a Large Diet Pepsi as we go on errands.  Then of course a sandwich will sneak in here or there.  Finally, we got a grip and calmed down when it started coming too much out of our allotted $20 a week spending money.  We also watched the grand kids here and there but we just fixed something they would be sure to eat (hot dogs, spaghetti, or fried bologna).

We went out to eat once in January with a gift card that was left over from vacation and once for a birthday that was planned.  The tips came out of our spending money.

You have to watch out for boredom!  

Bored out of our tree, we did slip up and go to a estate sale once this month.  I spent $5.00 on some kitchen utensils and he spent $15.00 on the tallest ladder I've ever seen.  After that we really didn't find any more sales and I'm glad.  The urge to go and spend money is strong!   

We headed in to the local Salvation Army one day and looked around.  They only thing I found was some hot rollers for my hair that looked brand new in the box for $6.00.   They work perfectly!  Savings of $20!  

Cleaning and Organizing

I've organized many of my cupboards and it's helped a lot to see what I have.  It's amazing what you will find in your storehouse that you won't buy again, if it's organized.  Saving money! 

I cleaned out the pantry and I found some cans that are very close to their expiration date.  They are now in the kitchen being used first to make sure they don't go to waste. 

I also cleaned out the freezer in the house and I'm going through that food to make sure that nothing goes to waste.  When it gets warmer I'll head out to the garage and clean out the freezer more.

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Lana said...

The tallest ladder you have ever seen for only $15 was a steal!

We did not plan for a low spend month but it ended up that way because it was so, so cold that we just stayed home. Most weeks when I enter expenditures into my budget ledger I have 10 to 15 items but all of January it was just 4 to 5 items a week and we have a lot of money left in every part of the budget. Win, win without even trying!

Chef Owings said...

We saved $450 in groceries and $90 of not eating out as much. I found a couple places where we nickle and dime ourselves so taking Feb to plug those holes. Continue with eating from the pantry with more variety. Was out of some condiments and spice for Asian and Hispanic meals so ordered them BUT made sure I got the best price.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Wow well that worked out great Lana. I like my checkbook ledger too. So much easier to figure out!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Sounds like you did grest! That's a great way to say it..we can nickel and dime ourselves to death.

Belinda said...

Good deal on the ladder. I love to find and get kitchen utensils. They are my weakness. Sounds like you did really well on your goals and to save at least #200 is terrific. Way to go. :)

KayM said...

I think I did very well for a low-spend January and still was able to get some needed items for very good buys. The big EXCEPTION was the septic work and tree removal--$2050, which honestly wasn't bad for what had to be done, so I'm not complaining. I bought very few groceries except for produce and spices/herbs to replace old ones. (I do this every year or two). I also needed some cleaning products that I was out of. I needed new pens. I use Energel pens with Violet Ink for all non-business writing. The last time I bought 3 pens for $4.74. This time they were $7.49 for the 3. Since I kept the shells of two pens that had already run out of ink, I decided to buy refills. I did have to buy 12 for $11.89, but I saved $1.51 per pen. Voila! New pens for $.99 each. Instead of $7.49 for 3, I only am paying $2.97 for 3. I have several of these pens around the house, so in the long run, my savings will be significant. Because I have rosacea, I have to use a special lip balm. At the dermatologist office, they sell it for $8 each. Although I have to order online and buy 4 at a time to get them for $4.42 each, it is a significant savings—almost half-price. I was looking for a gift for two different people and I found exactly what I wanted for both of them and they were on sale for $10 off. I gave my roll of duct tape to my son-in-law, so I bought some more extra strength for $8 and then I found some not-quite-as-good, but good enough for me for almost half the price I’d paid, so I’m going to return the $8 roll. Last thing—I usually buy my eye drops at Walmart, but I saved $16.47 by getting them on Amazon and using Subscribe and Save! I’m happy :^)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Isn't it fun to buy the utensil you always wanted Belinda? I hate to pay full price!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh with all those good deals I would be happy too Kay! Just proves it pays to shop around!

Frugal in the USA said...

Stocking up for the future at the Amish stores will save overall. Good decision.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes it's was well worth it and the weather was great for travelling.