Saturday, February 1, 2020

My Grocery Shopping Deal of the Week for 2/1/20!

My grocery shopping deal for this week was redeeming the rain checks I had for 24 cans of Campbell's chicken noodle soup at 69 cents a can.  They are regularly $1.00 a can so I saved a total of $8.00 on this alone.

While we were on another side of town I went in to that Meijer's and they didn't have them in stock either so I ended up with 2 rain checks for 12 cans each.  

We are good and all stocked up for a long while!  

How did you do grocery shopping?

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  1. Very good deal and it's cold enough for soup and saltines.My favorite.

  2. Today was a good savings day for us. With coupons at CVS, I paid 27 cents for a Hallmark card that started at $4.59. :-) With all the other coupons on our items, we had a 77 percent savings on the total order. Good savings day. :-)

    1. What a great deal on a card. I need to look out for a great deal like that with graduations coming up.

  3. When I get sick, I am always so thankful for chicken noodle soup!! Good deal for you!!

  4. One of our grocery stores had a remodeling sale and we got Sargento shredded cheese for $1.28 a bag. We bought a good variety and so we stocked on cheese for several months. We saved $3.40 a bag! We also got Yoplait yogurt for 17 cents each and 5 pound bags of potatoes for $1.

  5. I haven't went yet. Remade menu, then grocery list but tomorrow is clean the frig day (trash goes Tues at 6 AM) so figured I would see what needed used up before going to the store on Tuesday.


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