Friday, March 4, 2022

Frugal Friday, Shopping, and Strawberries 3/4/22!


Not much on Flashfood this week but we did resupply our apples $5.00 for a box,  Meijer Peanut butter 40 oz for $1.94 each, and 3 different kinds of Sargento cheese for $1.59 a bag. I even bought 2 rosemary plants from them for $1.64.  I'll replant these outside when it gets warmer. In the meantime I think they need a trim.

I also told my daughter to get me the .99 peanut butter from Kroger (I got 5).  I really didn't want anything else from there so I just gave her a five (no tax on food in MI) and got it the next time I was over at her house.  

With the peanut butter from Kroger and Flashfood I'm stocked up for the year unless someone goes peanut butter crazy.  

I started a long time ago using meal worms to get my chickens back in the coop.  They will walk right in and I don't have to look like a  crazy woman chasing them around the yard.  Man, a bag of mealworms are expensive though so I'm not being as generous as I used to be.  I was all out this past week and they didn't seem to like my alternative treat.  I could see a revolt was about to happen any time so I went to  the Farm and Home store while on a errand run.  

As I walked in the store was a basket (buggy or cart) right in the entrance that said everything in it was a dollar.  Right there in front was the bag of the mealworms that  I needed!  It was a busted bag but mostly full.  Such a great deal, they are usually over $20.00.  I also found a box of lightbulbs in the same basket that had lost one bulb out of four, for $1.00.  Better than the dollar store! 

Talking to another chicken keeper he found out that if you use your phone for hawk sounds they will run into your coop.  Good to know.

So much for shopping.

The strawberries came in handy when the grandchildren were here last night.  They were still perfect and I have a half a quart left.  I had dreams of having strawberry oatmeal but I woke up late and had to run so maybe tomorrow if there are any left.  

So much grief on the news, my heart aches.  Prayers for Ukraine!  

What are the ways you saved this past week?

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Lana said...

You got some great deals! We are working the deals and stocking up more since prices are going up so fast. This week I got enough milk for free to last the month and it is dated 4/15. When we were checking out at Aldi on Tuesday the cashier said that our pack of lettuce was just about out of date so she gave it to us for free. I have it washed in and in a keeper and it is just fine. I also had an ecoupon for a free pack of cookies at Publix. We just finished a trip to the local discount store and got 6 two pound bags of coffee beans for 4.99 each. Then to Sam's for more bread flour and they had Angus beef whole sirloin tip for 3.86 a pound and chicken thighs were .98. The beef will make four roasts which I am completely out of. Whole chickens were 1.06 but no room for those in the freezer but I was glad to see the still good price. Gas is up to 3.99 here some places but Sam's is 3.19 with a long line but worth waiting for. Sam's is not selling at a loss I am sure so the other stations are just price gouging as far as I am concerned.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Gas...yep they are price gouging I'm sure also..
You got some great deals! I'm still looking for the kind of produce keepers I want. They are something I needed for a long time and I'm glad you told me about the bottom.
I finally got enough for a $20 ibotta reward. Bought a gift card ahead for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Vickie what a great deal on your meal worms, peanut butter and rosemary plants and good that you only needed very little this week in groceries :).

I think I prefer your fuel prices to ours as a litre of E10 in Australia in our area now costs $1.749 and it is still rising.

We did our monthly grocery shop and came in so far at $221.75 and I used the pantry budget I have been saving up for any half price specials that came our way.

The half price specials and other specials I purchased were -
- 24pk of coca cola tins for $17.10 saving $17.10 on usual prices.
- 11 x Norsca pump deodorants for $33 saving another $33.
- I purchased from Pharmacy online who had a 10% site wide discount just over two years of iron tablets for myself and 3 x 40pks of bandaid tough strips saving $31.17 over buying them in our local pharmacies and supermarkets. This online pharmacy is usually very cheap but with the discount made it even more so and we are now fully stocked for a while.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead :).


Cheryl Kimbley said...

Good buys and great deal shopping.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Lorna, So I figured out that you are paying $6.50 a gallon. Wow! We are now in my area about $3.84 a gallon today. We are doing ok.
You are so good about continually stocking up! Glad you were able to save so much. You reminded me that I need to stock up more on deodorants for us all when there is a sale and I need to look in the medicine cabinet. Little granddaughter has finally quit her fascination with bandaids for her dolls but I think she took all our stock. I've been cleaning more pantry space and that medicine cabinet comes next.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks Cheryl. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Vickie thank you and yes the fuel is an outrageously high price here :o .

How cute about the granddaughter putting bandaids on the dolls phase and yes I could imagine that would deplete the bandaid stocks in your home.

We did a calculation and worked out across all the groceries, cleaning products personal care products and tinned cat food we purchase here that our grocery spend has gone up 30% since last September. It is getting really scary and each day we are seeing more price rises unfortunately.

Saw a news report that those in rural communities such as us are feeling the pinch in the rise in fuel, grocery and fertiliser costs and many farmers and rural families are now traveling far less and rethinking the way they are living. It is so sad. Like them when we go out to appointments we do 6 or 7 things in one go to save on fuel costs. With our nearest towns for shopping being 45 - 66 km one way there is no going back if you forget milk for instance.

Have a great week :).


Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Lorna, We went to fuel up and the gas price went up over .30 a gallon within hours so it's now sitting at $4.19 cents a gallon here in our part of Michigan. People have said come Monday it will be worse. We have been putting our errands together more than ever but now we are going to be very diligent about it and rethink everything. We live more in the city and we use to go for drives in the it will be very rarely and with a purpose because we also have to pay those rising grocery and home energy costs! This is very scary.
I'm going to keep a pad of paper on the table for note taking on what we need at the store because we don't want any special trips either. I think still though I would want to live in the country Lorna. To me your in the best place for this crisis. The resources you have there can't be beat.

Anonymous said...

Vickie I would agree we are in the best place to ride out this crisis indeed as we have space to grow our own food, are water self sufficient, have solar among just a few things. Also I find that country people just work together more.

We have had conversations with our neighbour to buy chickens and share the costs of feed and the like and split the eggs and grow different things and trade with each other. Mostly we help each other if his lawn mower breaks down and we are mowing we will finish mowing for him. This will cut down expenses for both of us and give us more food self reliance too so it is good.

Yes a notepad is good for writing down what you need when you go out. We have a list on the fridge that we keep with all things that we use on it in the home. Once something is used it gets written on there. When shopping or an errands day comes up I write my list from that and wipe it all off and start again. We have the list in a display plastic sleeve and write on it with permanent marker and wipe off with metho. We find this so easy to keep track of things we need.

I don't think you will be alone in not traveling or going shopping as often due to high fuel costs either.

We are fortunate that we don't pay for the fuel as we shop on days DH has a medical appointment so DVA (Dept of Veteran Affairs) pays for it and a meal allowance for each of us too. They do cover enough for fuel with extra spare which also covers some vehicle maintenance.

Have a great week :).


Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

We all need to build great communities like that Lorna. I wish that more people in my area gardened they used to. Maybe they will this year.
You have a wonderful week also!