Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Pecking Order is About to Change! (UPDATE: The Next Morning)

Oh, we have a job to do today.  Actually we would have done this job this past weekend but we were dying of a heat stroke.  So, we were waiting on a cool day and this morning it's 61 degrees in Michigan. So, today it will be done.  Listen, I'm not sure how you southern people handle the heat but this northern lady is not doing so well.

Back to the job:  You see, I got two new chickens this Spring from Family, Farm, and Home, and we want to put them all together with the other older meaner chickens.  I believe they are big enough and they have already started laying eggs this past week so they need to go in the chicken house to roost..like now.  So two pens need to become one, very soon.  

I've been through this before but each times it worries me...will those mean older chickens kill the littles by plucking all their feathers out?  They seem to be getting along together in the yard but the littles try to stay away from them.

The pecking order is going to change and it makes me nervous. It's like they are my babies!  I guess they are.  Maybe I'll sleep in a tent beside the coop...no.. well maybe.

Meet Miss Bossy and Miss Pretty- they are my two oldest Isa Brown's. Miss  Bossy is in charge and you'd better mind her.  Miss Pretty will let me pet her.

 I always thought these two were identical but looking at this picture I can see a difference.  There is a white streak on the tail feathers on one.   I think I'll try different names and see how that goes.   I'll ask the granddaughter her favorite names.  

Don't you just love how they stay in step with each other.  I just call chickens and they come.  I usually buy just Isa Browns but these were all they had last year (Wyandotte).  They are very nice and lay great.  

Then there are the Littles...I'm just going to call them that until I can tell the difference between them.  It won't be long it looks like.

Well, as husband says, "let me have my coffee first" and then we will get busy!


I'm amazed at the meanness of chickens.  As I was out moving blocks around the bottom of run the older ones blocked off entrances to the coop where the littles could not get in.  I had to talk sternly to them and they would move. 

Then the twins would take and peck at the littles really hard.  I left crates in the run so the littles could have a safe place to jump up and escape to.  Finally things started quieting down towards evening.  What a stressful day but today will be better!  It's already quieter.


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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Good luck - I hope the transfer is successful!!!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Cheryl, He is still having his coffee..I'm trying to wait patiently to get started!

Lana said...

Southerners just stay inside in the A/C. We are real wimps.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh Lana, I guess we are the same way in the winter, we stay where its warm!