Tuesday, August 2, 2022

There is a Gold Mine in my Backyard and the Menu Plan for 8/2/22!


I braided the onions this past week.  Not the greatest job but it serves the purpose.  We will be storing these in my daughter's basement.

We stay busy outdoors every day.  There can be some hard work but it's so fun and rewarding to garden.   This past week we harvested a small mess of green beans, peppers, one cuke, lavender, and rosemary.   If I was to add up all the produce that we hope to get there is a gold mine in our backyard.  

In order to get our mess of  green beans we had to harvest rattlesnake, white half runner, and greasy beans.  They were soo good when we got them done cooking.  Soon though (if it ever rains) we will have enough for canning.  Now that is a little bit of work too but it's so worth it in the winter time to have some great food.  

Menu for this week:

Do you ever look up the weather for the week and plan your menu accordingly?  Man I do.   I don't want to be heating up the house when it's 95 degrees out.  They are saying that Saturday and Sunday will be the highest degree weather here so I think we'll grill our dinner. 

Monday          Chicken fajitas (peppers and onions were from the garden)

Tuesday           zucchini lasagna (didn't have last week)

Wednesday      Egg roll in a bowl

Thursday         Leftovers

Friday             Eating out (daughter's treat)

Saturday         BBQ Spareribs, baked potato 

Sunday           Grilled rosemary Pork Chops (rosemary from the garden) and a salad

It's so sad to watch the news about Kentucky flooding.  Everyday the death toll rises and the amount of missing people is unbelievable.  The survivors  have a hard road ahead of them.   I can't even imagine.

There are so many disasters right now in the U.S. from fires, droughts, to flooding.  Prayers are needed all around.  

So tell me how are things going or what's on your Menu?  

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