Friday, September 8, 2023

In the Garden: September Garden Chores and Getting Ready for winter 9/8/23!


Michigan is getting a lot cooler all of a sudden, just last week we were burning up.  I decided if I'm going to mess with water it has to be now.   I want to clean all the pots I used in the small coldframe/greenhouse and have them ready for next planting in the Spring.  I have about half of them done. 

The mosquitos are killing me though so I have to wait till another sunny day to get out there.  

I'm saving seeds as I go -my table is getting full with pans of seeds drying again.  You can see how I save heirloom green beans seeds here.

I've been buying discount seeds when I see them.  I always need more seeds LOL.

I need to weed the strawberry bed -boy do I need to weed the strawberry bed!  I also need to mulch.  Last year I mulched with leaves and I plan to do that again.

The apple tree that is producing is realtively young yet so it just had a few apples.  I want to pick what little apples we have -maybe in another week or so.   We picked three because we just couldn't wait but the rest really need to just ripen.

I trimmed the other apple tree.  It had a lot of dead branches.  It looks quite funny now.  We will see how it looks come Spring.  

I need to finish harvesting and canning.  We still have green beans, potatoes, green peppers, mustard greens, and pumpkins to harvest and can.  I'll weed next year.

The volunteer plant that came up is growing a pretty big pumpkin.  I'm glad I decided to let it grow.

We bought a cord of wood this morning for our fireplace.   A cord of wood was $85.00.

Are you getting ready for Fall/winter?

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Lana said...

What a pretty pumpkin! We have a ways to go til that sudden cool down but I sure do understand why you are getting ahead of it now. It is miserable to work out there at the last minute.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It sure is miserable -we have some wild weather sometimes Lana! So, I went out just now and had to run inside with the mosquitos (in the morning)! We need a little of your sunshine that's for sure.