Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Are You Bored Yet? Free Things to do in the Winter!


Here are some ideas for things to do for Free when you bored in the winter:  Warning: Make sure you call first to the place you are going.  If the schools are closed for bad weather most of the time the activities will be closed also.  Make sure to call or go on their website to see if they open.   Depending on the weather you might want to stay off the roads!  

This list also comes with another warning ... if you think about it, free sometimes is not totally free.  If you have to drive then consider the gas, if you have to take the bus consider the fare, etc.  Consider staying closer to home for the free things if this is a problem.   The kids are going to get hungry, are you going to dine out?  Even Mcdonald's now can break a budget.  Consider taking a lunch.

Here is a list of my favorite free things to do in the winter:

The Library:

A vast of resources, libraries are one of my favorite places!  

On line winter reading challenge!  Yeah, I'm on it!  Prize is a $50 Meijer Gift Card

There is a story time for the preschoolers.  I've used this resource for my children and grandchildren.  

Free or low cost passes to our favorite museums are on the libraries website.

Hold on before you spend big bucks on how to do books, consider checking and seeing if they have them at your local library.  Then if you like it and  need in your home for reference then buy your book to keep on your shelves.

Nature preserves:

Nature preserves have a lot of great things to do like:

Hiking trails that are both education and fun.  If they have a map it's even more fun.  Look for unique birds or other animals.

Don't forget to go in the Visitor centers.  Ours has a lot of educational things to enjoy inside, like a active bee hive.  The bees come inside to a container and you get to watch their activity.

Sometimes free or low cost programs are offered like night owl watch, star gazing parties, story hour etc.

Pet outlets

Watch for free dog wash days.   Our pet store has them it seems like once a month.  The mess is theirs and if you have kids they would love to watch too.


Stay home and have a baking day!   It will even help warm up the house with the oven going. I have a list of my favorite recipes here but my apple pie recipe is here.  Husband will be disappointed today though because we are making a cake.


We have went sledding a lot over the years with the grandchildren.  We have a sledding hill that is not too far from us.  This is not an good activity for us today because of the -20 windchill.  Too cold for us and them!  

Stay safe and warm!

What fun activities do you have for winter?

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Belinda said...

My idea of fun was to inventory the pantry while we were stuck at home. It gave me a bunch of ideas for dinners and lunches. Yours is a great list and the library is a great place to spend a few hours.

That is very good advice to call and see if a business is open before you venture out in this cold. I had three appointments cancel on me this week, which is fine by me. I don't want to get out in this bitter cold.

Now, I'm off to check out your favorite recipes. :)

Kathy said...

Brrr it is cold there.
Love your suggestions, and it sounds like you have been making lots of memories. I hope my kids will remember the good times too. We have done geocaching at our local state parks and nature walks are always fun. My kids enjoyed crafts and puzzles and board games, and we would usually have a movie night with pizza and popcorn.
Hope you have a great winter.

Nancy said...

Hi-These are all such good ideas! We use the library alot-FREE. You can borrow books, movies, magazines, Ebooks, audio books, music, stuffed animals for the kids,(I could go on & on). We are part of a larger library system, items can be ordered from other libraries. Love it and it can save so much money!
Thanks for the tips Vickie-stay warm!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

man even your appointments cancelled Belinda! It's always good to know how much you have on hand. I look at my canned food drawer and walk away. I need to stay on it like you ..maybe soon. I finally organized my pans so they don't fall out at me. Little things at a time I guess.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Nancy -Your right Libraries are so helpful to us too. Don't you love that interchange between libraries? If one doesn't have the other will and they will bring it to the library by your house. You just can't beat it. FREE!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Kathy, We have never done the geocaching before...I need to look that up and see what it is all about. Movie night with pizza and popcorn sounds perfect when you can't get out!