Saturday, December 20, 2014

Menu Plan for this Week 12/21/14

Christmas is almost here and I'm getting excited.   I'm hauling in that 22 pound turkey that my husband got from the garage freezer today.   I think I better start thawing it out now.    We have some slices of ham to go with that so we are all set.

We kind of missed Thanksgiving so we rolled it over till Christmas and we are going to celebrate both.

This morning I've been in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls and freezing them.   It will be easier on Christmas morning to just have them ready!

Sunday                       Baked Chicken in the Crock Pot

Monday                      Chicken and Dumplings

Tuesday                     Leftovers

Wednesday                 Eating out at Burger King with a Swagbucks reward!  

Thursday                    Turkey, Ham, Shuck Beans, baked beans, corn,  mashed potatoes and rolls, 

Friday                        Leftovers  (I love this kind of leftovers!)

Saturday                    Turkey Noodle Soup

Have a Merry Christmas!  What's on your dinner menu?

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