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My Frugal List for This Week and 2nd Grocery Shopping Trip of the No Spend January Challenge

No Spend January

Down to the last dozen eggs I realized about 4 were cracked so I started substituting eggs in recipes. I put 1/4 cup of water in my cornbread instead of my usual egg.   We decided we loved it without the egg so we will be making it like this from now on.   Later in the week  I dropped the rest of the dozen in the floor! (I had to take a picture of it!)  I used the last two for my french toast and then we made due for a couple of days without any eggs.

dropped dozen eggs by my refrigerator

We took home part of the meal from eating out on my husband's birthday and had leftovers the next day to go along with our pinto beans and cornbread.  

Cable bill came in the mail and it was $30 or more higher than usual.  I knew then it was time for my annual call for a better rate.   I gave them a call the next day and had it lowered back down to original amount.   It took an hour (really) but it was well worth it.  I know this goes against the grain of frugal living but it gets us through a long Michigan winter and makes us happy (ha ha -we are old)..

I was helping out at the church and noticed some cans of food that was sitting out in the foyer in a box marked free.   I was assured that it was already gone through by the ones that needed it most.   I was given two spaghetti sauces, can of baked beans, and some mayonnaise.   A very nice surprise.

Found a new recipe for cookies on Facebook (all natural sugar, flour-less, egg-less) to try.   I only made half of the recipe because I was trying them out.   We are eating them but I won't make them again.

With the lower temperatures we have been having we are back in the guest bedroom again.  This room is a lot warmer because it is closer to the furnace.

Grocery Shopping:

We decided our budget for each week of January will be $30.00 for groceries.  Here is what we spent on groceries this week (there are three adults that live here)

We went grocery shopping on Monday because I wanted their apples they had a sale.   A 3 lb bag of apples for .99 is a great deal!


picture of groceries

3lb bags of Red Delicious Apples (5@.99)        $4.95
Milk                                                              $2.49
Bananas                                                        $0.69
Ground Turkey     (4 @1.89 lb)                       $7.56
Cheddar Cheese                                            $1.89
Total                                                            $17.58

2nd trip to Aldi's on Friday:

picture of groceries

Bread                                                        $0.99
Bananas                                                     $0.90
Milk                                                           $2.79
Butter                                                        $2.99
Eggs                                                           $1.89
Cheese                                                       $1.89
Tea                                                            $1.99

Total                                                          $13.44

Total:  30.34

Some explanations:

We eat a lot of bananas apparently!   We went to two different Aldi's and that is the reason for the difference in the price of Milk.  They will not price match.
We use turkey instead of ground beef in a lot of our recipes. It is cost effective and no one seems to notice the difference.   It will be in the spaghetti this week.

It's getting a little tougher:

Husband went to Menard's Crazy days sale and spent the last of his birthday money towards coffee and vegetable oil that was on sale.    

I ran out of my $20 spending early on in the week and robbed the piggy bank of $8.00 in quarters.  I still have about $5.00 of that left.

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