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My Frugal List and 4th shopping trip of No Spend January! 1/25/15

4th shopping trip of No Spend January

My frugal list:

As I was cleaning out the file cabinet I found a booklet that I had printed that was no longer needed.   It was approximately 30 pages long (think about all that ink I used!).   I took out the stables and turned the pages over to use in the printer.  Now I can print coupons!

Needed something to take to a dinner at church and was able to mostly make it out of my pantry.   I took sauerkraut and smoked sausage and then I made a apple pie filling dessert.  I just bought the smoked sausage at  Meijer for $1.00 each and used my spending money.

My canning efforts last summer have saved us a lot of money on our grocery bill and  church suppers.   The jars are being emptied out fast now though so I would love to can even more this season if the garden does well.

As I Spring clean I fill up trash bags with unwanted items.  I've been storing them in the garage for a sale when it gets warm.

I make sure I make the iced tea every morning so we will not drink as much pop that day.

My mishaps this week:

Making crepes -I absolutely failed -I'll try some other time.

Friends asked us to go shopping with them and I thought I could go and just look around.   I ended up spending $32 on 10 new Corelle plates at an outlet mall,  Although a great deal and badly needed (we only have 5 plates that are unbroken left)  I thought I could go and not spend anything.   Did not work!   Husband went too and he was actually better at not spending.   Stinker!   Note to self:   Do not go shopping at an outlet mall on no spend January!  My fix:   I still have money left over from our $20.00 spending money so I won't get any out next week.  I will have to think more on how to come up with the rest.

Grocery shopping:


4th shopping trip of No Spend January

 2 cans of Peach Slices                  .89 each

Half and Half                               1.89

Potato Chips                                1.49

Apple Juice                                  1.49

2 cans of soup                                .89

Extra Sharp Cheddar                   1.79

Deli sliced Cheese                       1.99

Butter                                           2.99

Hand sanitizer                                 .99

10 lb potatoes                               2.99

total                                             18.29

Menards (a different way to spend a Menard's rebate)

4th shopping trip of No Spend January

2 Cherry Cordials                        3.00

2 Sliced peaches in syrup              .75 each

Potato chips                                 2.50

Peanuts                                        3.19

2 Coffees                                     4.99 each

box of cheezits                             1.78

Angel soft bath tissue                 11.67

Canned pineapple                         1.12

2 cans of baked beans                   3.16

maple nut clusters                          7.58

Menard rebate from Christmas     36.52

total                                              $10.32

Grand Total this week                $28.61

Update (sorry if you read this earlier):

Looking back I realized this morning we were over budget last week by $17.71   - this week's shopping trip makes us still over budget by $16.32 for the month.   We will make it!

How was your frugal week?

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