Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Look in to My garden 6/17/15

A Look In to My Garden 6/17/15

I was trying to take a picture of the birds at my bird house when I kept hearing a racket in the tree.   These two were having so much fun this morning.   They became as still as could be when I stood under the tree.  

A Look in to My Garden 6/17/15

Animals are smarter than we think.   This bird hid on the side of the bird house until I left.   

Now on to the Flower garden:

The flower garden is weeded and mulched.   I bought my mulch at a different store and apparently there is a difference between brown and absolute brown.  No worries, I just top coated everything with the absolute brown!

A Look In to My garden 6/17/15


I thinned the hostas and reset the the bricks around them.   Flower garden is completed this year!  

Vegetable garden

So, here is my picture of a portion of our vegetable garden.   Now listen, I have an excuse ...rain.  That would be a lot of of rain. Try not to pass judgement...see my excuse.

A Look In to My Garden 6/17/15

I actually tried to get in to it last night but I started to sink.   I happen to love my flip flops so I backed out slowly.  

Hopefully it will dry out soon before the next rain!  

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