Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Frugal Ways This Past Week 7/19/15

We've been gone almost a whole week to Tennessee to see my sister and brother.   We loved it and we tried to stay as frugal as we could.  We visited Cades Coves in the Smokies and then we also drove up the mountain into North Carolina.  Both of these were free and in my opinion they were the best.

We were very lucky to see these Elk on the way down the mountain.   

Every chance we got we let the grandson get in the water.   He has many fun memories! 

We stopped at a store before we went to Cade's Cove and bought two large subs and pop for everyone.   The subs were only $5.99 and $3.99.   We stopped and had a picnic on the way out of the cove.  

We stayed in a motel one night and we brought back all the little shampoos etc. that they give you.

We made sure we brought our snacks so that we wouldn't buy them on the road.  I went shopping again before we left and filled up with snacks for the trip back.

I bought  store doughnuts for the last morning. The doughnuts filled us up and we were able to wait till we got quite a ways down the road for dinner.

It was very nice to get a break from the kitchen but we have had our fill of eating out.  We now no longer care if we see the inside of a restaurant again for quite awhile.  

Yesterday we had the chicken that I made on the grill and froze just before we left.   I sliced it and made chicken fajitas.

Before we left I made sure I picked the zucchini and froze it into batches.  Of course though when we came back there were even more zucchini!   There were out of this world!   (I will be taking some of it to church and leaving it in the foyer this morning.  Just in case someone would like to take it off my hands)!

What ways have you saved money this week?

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