Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Garden Update for 8/19/15~ Harvesting Cabbage and How I Label my Canning Jars

Cabbage in the Garden

The cabbage is getting quite large so I've determined it's time to start getting them out of the garden.

Cans of Cabbage

My friend at church gave me her Mom's recipe from an old Ball book for canning cabbage.   I like the thoughts of  having cabbage ready to use for Fried Cabbage, Hamburger Stew, or Cabbage Casserole.  

I canned 7 quarts and 9 pints yesterday.   I think that will be enough and now I will concentrate on making sauerkraut.

How I Label my Canning Jars:

labeling jars

You know I tried every way known to man to label my canning jars.  I grew tired of trying to get labels off,  the water soluble labels faded, and I kind of freaked out thinking about writing on top with a permanent marker (don't laugh but what if it leaked in the jar).  The last few years I've just started using masking tape on top with the date/contents wrote on it.   That has seemed to work for me and then the lid gets thrown away.  

How do you label your canning jars or do you?

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