Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 9/20/15

This morning wrapped up in my blankets I heard the wonderful sound of geese flying overhead.  It made a beautiful sound that I could hear from one of our bedroom windows that was left open. Right now in Michigan it cools off a lot at night.  So I was frozen the morning under the covers but too tired to close the window!

Here is my list of my frugal ways this past week:

two small jars of applesauce-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I made a small batch of two pints of applesauce.

Fall is definitely on it's way but the garden is still producing!

I continued to pick Rattlesnake beans still on the vine to save the seed.

Picked approximately 2 bushel of mustard greens and canned them. I had forgotten that 2 bushels will only yield 7 quarts.  They shrink a lot!

Watermelons from our garden

Picked two small watermelons from the garden.  They were the best watermelons we've had this season.  Probably because they came from our garden! 

Used facial cream samples out of a magazine to help extend the moisturizer I have.   I also requested a free sample found on another blog.

canner and quart jars at a sale for $8.00

I bought a new to me canner and a 11 canning jars for $8.00 at a church sale. The canner will hold 9 jars.  I can't believe I've used so many jars this year!  What a blessing the garden has been.

Used the leftover fried apples to make apple bites.

Used big bags from the store for garbage bags.

What ways have you saved money this week?

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