Monday, December 21, 2015

My Goals for this Week 12/21/15 (Just 3)

I picked up this decoration on half off day at a thrift store for a $1.00.   The nose blinks and the grandkids think it's cool!
Christmas is coming soon fast!  Everything is pretty much done and I can relax this week.  So I only have three goals for this next week. I hope your done too and can relax. 

Happenings and revelations around Vickie's Kitchen and Garden:

1.   Tried to use homemade oven cleaner but the oven was too messy from Thanksgiving.  I had to just press that button and open a window!  Thank goodness it was warm.

2.   Made fudge and I froze it.   It was disappearing fast so I had to do something!   

3.   Found leftovers in the fridge that I had no idea how long they had been there.  I hope I didn't just gross you out. 

4.   Got my stuff together and mailed off my sister's present -it arrived in two days (yeah post office)!  

5.   Made all all meals (husband usually takes us out once) -not sure how this happened but I didn't feel exhausted from doing it!

6.     I kept hoping that I would get it together but then I finally realized Christmas cards will not be mailed out and I will not really decorate too much for Christmas.   Life sometimes get in the way. I will try to do better next year!  

What I accomplished last week:

Write a book review.

clean oven and refrigerator.

Make a freezer meal- Last week I made lasagna and chicken cornbread recipe I found in the book Made with Love.

Make more Christmas cookies.  

Mail off Christmas gifts to sister and wrap up a few more gifts to everyone else.

Exercise in some form -yoga or walking as much as possible.  

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day.  Since I've been doing this I've earned four $5.00 gift cards!  Many times I just earn this by searching. 

Read the Bible and memorize more scripture. This can totally go by the wayside when I get busy.  I need to make this a priority. 

What I hope to accomplish this week:

1.  Make a Christmas dinner (ham, sides).   We have two pies, fudge, and rolls ready to go in the freezer.  

2.  Wrap up two presents for the daughters (waiting on little extras in the mail)

3.  Just enjoy family and friends as much as possible.

What are your goals for this week?

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