Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year and My Goals for this Year!

Happy New Year!   I hope you have a wonderful day today!  

I decided to set my yearly goals today. You might be surprised when I tell you that I have never set yearly goals before. Weekly but not yearly goals have been set. I would like though to be able to say next year ... wow I did it! That would be so fun and encouraging to me.

I wanted goals that will give me a challenge but yet they are doable.  My #1 goal is to be the best wife, mother, grandmother, I can but here is where I step outside the box this year (not in any order):

2.  Volunteer.   I always just give but I would like to do both this year. I want to get out there and help a charity.  Not necessarily every week but I would like to volunteer as much as I can.

3.  Get healthier.  Eat better, exercise more!  

4.  Remodel the house a little (bathroom needs wallpaper and our bedroom needs a little a lot of TLC)

5.   Improve this blog -redesign, keep learning, etc.  I have some great readers and commenters here on this blog and I want to make it a great place to visit. I'm so thankful for each and every one of you!  

Do you set yearly goals?   

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