Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Count My Blessings Wednesday: A Cloudless Day

Count My Blessings Wednesday:  A Cloudless Day-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

The sun is shining brightly here today.   This morning we are in a warming spell and we are close to 60 degrees.  So much better than the snow on Sunday!   

Michigan I think is one of the most cloudiest states in the Union.   After doing a bit of research I found that we seem to rank right up there with Washington and Alaska.  A couple of years ago I went to Hawaii (no spend Jan. money) and I knew when exactly when we arrived back in Michigan. Looking out the window of the plane I saw nothing but clouds and I knew we would be home soon.

Bleeding hearts enjoying the warm sunshine-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Not to complain about Michigan. We have so much to offer here. It's a beautiful state and we love it. When there is not a cloud in the sky though I notice everyone smiles more, the birds chirp louder, and I know that God will bless us with a warm Spring again. I for one will not take his blessing for this day for granted.  

Bird in my front yard finding worms-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I hope you are having a cloudless day too!  

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