Friday, October 28, 2016

This Week in Our Home: Blue Jars, IHOP is open, and a Bad Cold!

Leaving for a little car ride we happened to look at the neighbors recycling bin and saw some beautiful Blue Canning Jars.  Lots of them!   My husband turned around and I put them in my bags I carry in the trunk for Aldi's.   So exciting.  I love free. 

We were on our way to take the beautiful grand baby for her nap ride. I know we probably shouldn't do this but it has always worked. That is until now.  I came in, put a sleeping grand baby in the bed and then sat down to start blogging. Then I heard the pitter patter of little feet as she came to me and said Me maw! Just as happy as she could be.  She did that for two days in a row.  Kind of scary.

iHop Logo

We got the news IHOP is open!   Yea!   We are so excited to have one in our area!   Do you ever notice when the store or resturant finally comes to your area that it's not as exciting to go to anymore? We all love IHOP so I hope it doesn't happen.   I've got my coupons ready!  

The Dreaded Cold
(should be a picture of tissues here but I'm just too tired)

Maybe it was the change in the weather.  We had our first little snowfall this past week here in Michigan.  Whatever it was, a bad cold came on strong last night. I took one medicine we already had and it had no effect whatsoever.  I then  started looking up natural remedies on Pinterest.  I came upon one that uses Pineapple that sounded so promising and well, so delicious. So we made a late night trip to Aldi's.  Twenty eight dollars later we had a pineapple, grapefruit, and things we didn't need to get.  None of it worked.   

Finally he went back and got me some great medicine.  It knocked me out and I slept so good! I can overcome it now and I'm not going to the doctor!  The husband really helped me a lot trying to get me well. I hope he doesn't get it but I just heard a sneeze. 

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