Friday, March 3, 2017

This Week in our Home: JC Penny deals, Potting Soil Freeze, and the Box Fiasco!

I talked my husband into going to JC Penny this morning.   They were giving out $10 off $10 coupons, $20 off $20, or you could get $100 off $100  We both got the $10 off $10.  The lady behind us got the $100 off $100.   The story of our lives.  No really we loved the coupon. Plus we got another  $10 off $10 coupon each for next week.  

So, we bought some new shirts. We now have room in the closet for new clothes after I cleaned and organized!  I paid $5.29 including tax for my shirt (on sale for $15.00 minus the $10.00). He was able to use his $10.00 and get two tshirts for free (on sale for $5.00 a piece minus the $10.00).  Great deals!  

I talked with my brother in law in Hawaii and he believes I could grow a pineapple inside.   Ready to plant, I remembered that I had left my potting soil outside in a pan on the potting bench.   Of course then Michigan decided to have winter. I can't wait till the ice thaws so I can plant it.  Then, apparently in two years I could have a new pineapple. 😏  

The kids enjoyed their chairs made out of boxes. It's the little things they seem to love the best.  When they left though I just knew that I that there would be a problem if I threw them away. Wonderful grandson came back though for one more day and was in a state of shock that they were gone.  Never get in a hurry to throw things away!  

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