Monday, July 3, 2017

A Busy Week in our Home!

We seemed super busy this past week.  Looking back I loved every minute of it!  

We hurried out the door on Friday and took the kids up north just for the day. We beat the traffic by leaving early.  Last time we were in that area we talked to a man about making a wishing well for us. Ours kind of fell apart this last winter and we needed a new one to cover our well in the yard.  

He called to tell us it was done and said it would only be $30!  I have to stain it but I have some leftover from our bedroom remodel. Hopefully that will be enough.

After we picked up the wishing well we took the kids to the park and beach.  Our granddaughter loved to watch the big waves. The water in Lake Huron was freezing so they didn't go swimming. They would both skip out in the water and run back fast because it was so cold. It may get warmer by August!   

I think this picture is so funny because if you look close you can see the people in the back are wearing jackets.  Are you hot?  Come to Michigan!  That of course is always subject to change..  

We started off the week with helping take this wonderful grandson to his first Boy Scout Day Camp. We were so worried if he would like it or not.  It felt like the end of the day couldn't come soon enough for all of us so we could find out.  We didn't need to worry at all, he loved it! They knew just how to keep him interested and excited for each new day. Such a relief to all our hearts!  

We went to the children's zoo yesterday   It was as much fun for me as it was for the grand kids!  I would say they keep us young but I feel so old this morning. Ha!  

The senior citizen garden I volunteer at.  This is a picture of  about half the garden.  

In between all this I volunteered at the senior citizen garden on Thursday (mostly weeding) and then at the Farmer's Market Saturday answering questions about problems in the garden. Everyone seems to be dealing with the same thing, wild animals in the garden.  The biggest problems were with deer, rabbits, and raccoons. with a few having problems with opossums.   

At the senior citizen garden a raccoon had feasted on a whole row of cabbage. From a couple rows back it looked very pretty with huge leaves but then I went up closer to see that all the heads were gone. That just breaks your heart when you see damage like that. Thank goodness they had planted a new row of cabbage just last week.  

We also had a deer this last week visit our home garden and leave his wonderful foot prints behind to prove it.   He took off the tops to 4 of our pepper plants.   I hope he has heartburn.

What's on the agenda for next week?  I have a wonderful garden giveaway to put up on the blog on Wednesday (you are going to love it) and I'm going to get back on track with my blog posts...and rest!   

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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