Sunday, October 29, 2017

My Frugal Ways This Past Week 10/29/17!

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Here are the ways we've saved this past week:

Yesterday we made a little trip up north to view the fall colors.  We were late in making the trip again this year but we still managed to see a bit of pretty color here and there. We received coupons for fast food in the mail this past week that helped with the cost of eating out.  In the morning we had breakfast sandwiches plus drinks for three for $10.00 and for lunch we spent another $10 for three sandwiches, french fries, and drinks. We actually came back with one breakfast sandwich that was eaten later.  

We made a some great stops along our road trip. One was at a Amish bulk store where we found a few good grocery deals. I was able to buy bulk cornmeal for .34 lb! We also found an estate sale and I found some more doll furniture for the granddaughter's doll house for $8.00.  

This past week we bought a like new dirt bike for the grandson for $20 at a garage sale.  The only thing it needed was a cord that we bought on Amazon for $10.  We quickly realized when he came over how much taller he is this year and that the bike was too small.  We put it up for sale and sold it for $150.00 (a nice profit of $120.00)!  This helped make the trip up north for us a lot more enjoyable!  

I finished sewing a clothes pin bag this past week.  I bartered with someone and received a beautiful Tutu for the granddaughter in exchange.  

I also hemmed our granddaughters pants.

Made an apple pie for dessert.

I started earning more Swag bucks everyday and I'm starting to catch up some on my Recyclebank points.  I would like some gift cards and a magazine subscription for the daughters for Christmas.  


Start sewing a new clothes pin bag for me.  This one should be easier to make now that I've made the pattern.  

Put the canning supplies back in storage till next year.  

What ways have you saved this past week?

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