Saturday, February 3, 2018

What we accomplished on our No Spend January for 2018!

What we accomplished on our No Spend January!

We only spent $183.07 in groceries for the month (3 people living here).  The average per week was $45.00.  Compared to December's total of $385.00 that's a significant difference!  

Our spending money for January was $20 a piece/per week.  I don't even want to compare that with December!  I think we really need to work on keeping track of  this every month.
What that money helped with:

All Christmas bills are paid off.  My goal is to not have any Christmas bills next year.  You can read how on how I plan to accomplish that here.     

We bought a new/used side by side refrigerator with the leftover money saved.

Random thoughts:

There were some things I needed to buy right away.  That stash of toilet paper under the bed is completely gone.  It's hard to believe that it was gone in just one month! Thank goodness I had that box of tissue for that last day!  I'm going to work on this and make sure I have a better stash.  

Just let the husband go get food but look mean and tell him to only spend so much.  It makes him happy.

How are we doing now?

So far this week I have spent $69.00 at Kroger's and I still have some things I need to buy.  I may wait till tomorrow and count them on next week's bill 😏

I'll  start next week and show you my grocery shopping for each week if you are not bored with it.  It kind of helps me keep on track.  

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