Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 6/23/20 Plus Super Glue to the Rescue!

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A Brand New Purse Again!    

Twice this week we've used Super Glue to help us save money.  The first happened when my purse handle came out of the socket a couple of days ago.  It seems like I just bought this purse not too long ago too and you know what,  I don't even take it anywhere anymore.  If I go to the store with the husband we just use his card.  I think I've become a bit of a germophobe because I think about putting that purse down in that cart seat and I just shudder.

So back to the fix, I just put super glue down into the opening for the handle and held the handle in for a few minutes.  It was instant and strong too.   Saved at least $20 (I buy cheap purses -sometimes at garage sales if I can find them).

A New Sole!  

The grand boy came over yesterday and took the sole of his shoe out and said I'm done with that. Then he said, "who needs a sole?"  Which made us all crack up.  He didn't get it I think because he just looked at us  a little weird and went to play his games.  The sole was left on the kitchen table (another shudder).   

While he was busy the husband took super glue and squirted into the bottom of the shoe then placed the sole back in.  By the time he was ready to go home we told him that he had a new sole.  Yeah, he didn't get that either.  

Tips:   Buy the super glue in the small little containers.  It's easy to just use just what you need and then throw the rest of it away.

We are not partial to the brand of super glue, it seems to all work.

Please a comment and let me know how it's going in your neck of the woods.

Adela's Prairie Suitor (The Annex Mail-Order Brides Book 1) by [Elaine Manders]

Adela's Prairie Suitor (The Annex Mail-Order Brides Book 1)

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Tattered Hearts (Mail Order Brides of Spring Water Book 1) 

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens: How to Choose Them, How to Keep Them by [Celia Lewis, Prince of Wales HRH The Prince Charles]

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens: How to Choose Them, How to Keep Them

College Cookbook: Healthy, Budget-Friendly Recipes for Every Student | Gain Energy While Enjoying Delicious Meals by [Tiffany Shelton]

College Cookbook: Healthy, Budget-Friendly Recipes for Every Student | Gain Energy While Enjoying Delicious Meals 

Can-Do Recipes: How to Create Mains & Desserts Using Canned Pantry Staples by [Christina Tosch]

Can-Do Recipes: How to Create Mains & Desserts Using Canned Pantry Staples

The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip: (Volume 2) by [Jerry West, Helen S. Hamilton]

The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip: (Volume 2) 

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  1. We love our super glue here too. We buy those little tubes at Dollar Tree and always have it on hand. It sure does save money. I rarely take my purse anywhere either but when I do I am terrified that I will go off and leave it since I am not used to having it with me.

    1. Lana that's where we buy our super glue too or at the flea market when we go.
      It's gonna be weird when I finally start carrying my purse again. I'm going to be just like you and worried I forget that I have it with me.

  2. Ha glad your grand boy has a new sole.
    Great use of super glueo the purse too.
    Seems like my daddy could fix anything with duct tape for repairs or wd 40 for lubrication of stuck dohickeys.
    Thanks for books. I'll forward cookbook to my college kid.

    1. Oh I was hoping someone had a college kid. Hope it's a good one for them.
      They think Pop can fix anything too. He can usually with the right dohickeys!

  3. We've used quite a bit of super glue at our house lately too. And I do the same thing...buy a 5 or 6 pack of very small tubes. I can never get them to work again but my husband can. So I give them to him when I finish it.

    1. That's our problem with the bigger tubes (they never work again) so we just started getting the smaller tubes. Makes us feel better about throwing them away. Maybe we should try harder on the smaller ones and see if we can use them once more.

  4. Super glue has saved us big in the past too. From mending keytags and pointe shoes, to saving a visit to the optometrist for a fix for broken eyeglasses. Awesome stuff. Wouldn't you love to be the person that invented that! The college student cookbook looks great Vickie. Thanks. Mimi xxx

    1. Oh I hope the inventor is a millionaire. He does deserve it.
      Hope you love the college cookbook Mimi

  5. Super glue is wonderful stuff - unless you glue yourself to something and you have to listen to your husband laugh for a few minutes before he helps you out of the sticky mess. Bonus today: 2 cookbooks and The Happy Hollisters. I read those from the library years ago but never had but 1 of them and over time it disappeared.

    1. Yes I've been there too with the super glue Ann! So funny! It's good to laugh. I'm glad you found a few books. The Happy Hollisters are such great classics.


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