Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner Table and My Goals for the Week 10/16/16!

We took a trip up north to see the Fall colors.  Although the leaves were pretty they were not quite at peak yet (still a lot of green). We had a lot of fun and loved it.  We went on a ski lift for $5.00 a piece up a mountain to see the view better.  

Before we left  I made breakfast of french toast, fried bologna (husband), and one of the cans of cinnamon rolls I bought earlier in the week at Meijers. 

We also took apples, bananas, water, pop, and my homemade trail mix along on our trip for snacks.  I followed this recipe but I omitted the pumpkin seeds and cranberries (it's soo good).  

Faced with a potential freeze I picked the last of the tomatoes and peppers the night before. I wrapped up the green tomatoes in newspaper so they will ripen slowly.  I also covered up my flowers with a sheet so they will live a little while longer (update they survived and the greens are still growing great).

I ran out to the recycle bin just before the trash men came and dug out resturant coupons that I had ditched.  Yep, that was me in my housecoat.

Aldi shopping (husband went and there is not picture)

3 gallons of Milk                   $1.45
Almond Milk                         $1.99
Half and half                         $1.89
Bananas                                 $1.28
Kosher baby dills                  $1.29
Cashew Halves                      $2.99
3 pk caramel apples             $1.49
Deli Ham                                $3.29
Chocolate Bar                        $2.29
2 loaves of wheat bread       $  .99 a piece
Hot dog buns                         $  .85
Hamburger buns                   $  .85

Total    $25.93

Meijer shopping:

Corn dog  (husband)              $1.00
Mayo                                         $2.49
Koegels bologna                      $4.79
Bananas                                         .92
2 boxes of crackers                  $1.99 a piece
Half and half                             $1.99
snack crackers                           $2.49
whipped topping                       $3.49
2 cinnamon rolls                       $1.00 a piece
4 bot of Ketchup                       $1.00 a piece
7 Pastas                                      $1.00 a piece
3 salad dressings                       $1.00 a piece
4 canned tuna                            $1.00 a piece
3 frozen garlic bread                 $1.00 a piece
2 caramel apples                       $1.00 a piece
candy                                            $2.99
6 boxes of mac and cheese        $1.00 a piece
5 pasta sauces                             $1.00 a piece
-3 Free Items (buy 10 get 1 free) -$3.00

Total                                               $56.85

This week's total                            $82.78

Menu:  What was on the table last week:

Monday                  Roasted chicken from Sam's, mashed potatoes,                                  and corn

Tuesday                  Easy Crock pot Chicken Noodle Soup with Hamburgers

Wednesday             Hamburgers (frozen meal)

Thursday                Out to Eat  (date night -we shared a meal)
Friday                    Hot dogs

Saturday                Trip up North

Sunday                  Trip up North

In and around the Home:

Make some more freezer meals.

Dry some more herbs.

Clean up the garden.  I still need to take down the bean poles and save more bean seed.


A small trip to a little scary trail with the grand kids. 


Write a book review.

What ways have you saved this past week? 

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