Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 9/3/17!

Here are the ways I saved money this past week

Started drying zinnias both for seed and for dried bouquets.  I have also made some bouquets for neighbors and our table.

I made a menu plan for this past week.   Things didn't go as exactly as planned but overall I did well.

I canned tomatoes and green beans.   I put the last few quarts of green beans in the dehydrator rather than use the canner for them. 

I made some chocolate zucchini muffins this morning.  I keep thinking the zucchini is over and they keep producing.  😀

I have also picked two small watermelons and a couple of heads of cabbage this week.  

We filled up the gas tank before the prices jumped.  I used my .20 off per gallon from Kroger.  We now try to ride in the car that has the best gas mileage.

I bought a brand new box of kitty litter from a garage sale for $1.00! 

We went to both the park  and bounce house last week with the grandchildren.  I made sure to take both water, their favorite chocolate milk, and snack when we went.  

We used their coupon I had saved for a free ice cream from Culvers Children's meal bag.  I've keep these coupons in my purse all the time.  

We made energy bites (recipe from Rhonda).  The
grandkids loved them and enjoyed helping.  They seem to enjoy eating it more when they've helped make it.  I had everything I needed already in my pantry except for the quick oats so I just ground up my old fashioned oats a little in my blender.

I planning my menu ahead now, look for it on Mondays!  


I hope to be able to can tomatoes, more green beans, and start making sauerkraut. We just need a little warmth so everything will ripen!  

Clean and organize the front closet.

Don't go grocery shopping again till next Saturday.  We spent far too much money in August.  I'm not sure how it happened but it seems like we were at the grocery store a lot and it all added up very quickly!  I'm hoping the meal planning and some tight budgeting will help us with this.  

When we were at Aldi's last night the cashier said that would be $34.17.  I turned my head and was ready to say to the husband, "We did good, honey," when the cashier said I mean $74.17.   I really knew that it would be that much but somehow in my head I imagined that I was this extreme grocery shopper!  😉

What ways have you saved this past week?

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