Sunday, November 25, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 11/25/18!

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A good friend gave me some books!  They are inspired books both Amish and western. She knows me well and reads my blog!  Good friends are the best!   

Our grandson wanted to spend the night last Saturday and of course we let him.   We spent part of the time reading an story book from 1969 from England called, Story's for 7 year old boys or older (he is 9).  Filled with short stories, there were some classics like the Princess and the Pea and Rumpelstiltskin.  Others we both enjoyed hearing for the first time.  He was just amazed  about how many got their heads chopped off in some of the stories. They were right up his alley! I read many of the stories before he decided it was his to take home and went to sleep.  Definitely worth the .50 cents I paid for it at a garage sale this past summer!

He slept late after a late night talking with us so I quietly read The Prudent Homemaker's post from last week.   I spent the greater part of the morning reading her comments!  They are so interesting and have many helpful hints. Sometimes they are just heartbreaking and I find myself praying for their circumstances.  Like my Mom used to say "we don't know how good we have it."

I vacuumed out our cars at home.  Saving three dollars or more.   I also restocked the water and some snacks for emergency.  These have come in handy many times and not just for emergencies.  For instance when were were standing in line at Menard's for over an hour it was great to be able to go get them in the car and quench our thirst. They really should sell coffee and donuts on Black Friday, they would make a fortune.

I used our rebate Christmas fund for shopping at Menard's on Friday.  

My new to me stove:
I put foil around my burners because I'm a messy cook.   I took the picture while the oven was cleaning!    

We took the grand kids to a free indoor playground at a church.  While they were playing husband went down to the Restore and found a stove that he knew I would love.  It was $145.00 and I'm so happy!   I've been wanting to go back to the old style coil burners instead of the glass top forever.  To me they are easier to clean and they are better for canning. This totally makes up for the turkey fiasco!  ha ha   No, really he knows how to look for a great deal and always tries to make me happy.  It's been working great but it does have a 14 day guarantee.   

My goals:

Rake the leaves today before the snowstorm hits tonight.  This may not happen but I'll give it my best shot!  

Make Fleece tie blankets with the fleece I bought at Menard's for $1.97 each.    

What are the way's you've saved this past week?


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