Monday, February 25, 2019

My Menu Plan for This Week 2/25/19!

The whole family came down with some kind of sickness last week and everyone seems to have gotten better.  So after taking care of everyone, I thought I came out without a problem.  You know, sometimes I think I'm invincible.  Don't we all think we can't be stopped?  Well, I came out with my once a year cold this past weekend and really compared to what they had I'm blessed. I seem to be some better this morning so there is hope.  

All I can think of is Mexican food for some reason.  I want to pour on hot sauce on something to help clear the rest of this mess up.  Do you think it will help?  I wanted to send him for Taco Bell last night but with that crazy wind, all I could think of was what if a tree fell on him.   Oh the guilt would have never left!  So I just went to bed.  

I hope you and your families have been staying well so far.   

Menu plan for this week:

Monday                       Taco Bell 

Tuesday                Turkey (leftover from the last one I made), sweet potatoes, and leftover green beans

Thursday                 Hamburger Stew (freezer meal)

Friday                     Hamburgers (we seen the sale at Meijer so I know we will have fresh hamburger by now)

Friday                      Low Carb Pizza

Saturday                  Leftovers

Sunday                    Rosemary and Thyme Grilled chicken, corn, and a salad

What's on your menu plan for this week?

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  1. Hope everyone continues to feel better. Mexican food sounds good to me. :-) We had sloppy joes and homemade potato salad tonight. My husband cooked both things. :-) Have a blessed week!

    1. That sounds so good - What a blessing your husband is today! When my husband cooks we eat out LOL I love that too!


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