Sunday, August 25, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 8/25/19!

It's been very cool here the last few days, fall is definitely in the air.   We were down to 48 degrees yesterday morning.  We had blankets on but all the windows were open, ha ha. This morning though we are waking up warmer at 56 degrees.  

We stopped at a free sale at a church down the road. They all bring their unwanted goods in their trunk, then open them up, and you just take what you want. It kind of looks like trunk or treat.  This is open to anyone who drives by and is only open till it's gone, less than a couple of hours.  

We picked out two Christmas pillows, a walking stick (not in picture), a brand new t.v. (it's in our youngest daughter's room now),  two pairs of boots for me, blood pressure machine (works great), wrapping paper, two bottles of lotion, and a iron skillet. 

I'm seasoning the iron skillet now in the oven.

The cat is saying, "is this all you got?"
Everyday I pick something out of the garden, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, and a few ripe tomatoes.  Everything though seems like a blessing because I didn't think I would get a thing! There are a few beans on the vine now...we are praying the first frost won't come too soon.  

I made Trim Healthy Mama chocolate gravy last week for breakfast and made up mixes for the next time I want some.  I revised the recipe some and only added 1/2 the Truvia and just one cup of water (both ways are on the post).   Truvia is very expensive and it seemed like it tasted great without so much.   

We went up north this past week and I got a great deal on ketchup.  I also saw trees starting to turn already.  

I picked more bouquets of zinnias for the table.

My Goals for this week:

Make up mixes for waffles.

Clean out refrigerator (man I hate this job)

How did you save money this past week?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

My goodness a brand new TV, iron skillet, and boots - would be something - then all the other stuff. Sure makes you wonder how much money some people must have.
Glad you are getting some garden now. My brother has just started picking beans - and boy is he getting them, all of a sudden. They are hanging thick.
Have a great week.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks for telling me about the beans Cheryl. That gives me a lot of hope! Have a great day!

Lana said...

I love the free yard sale. That is something our church could do since we are in the inner city where people really need things just to live. We moved to the inner city on purpose so we can serve those in that area of our city. I think I will suggest that to our staff. We usually donate to the thrift store near our church since we know that the items are needed by those who purchase them but I love the idea of just being able to bless people since many in that area do not have transportation to even go to the stores and the only store down in that are is a very dirty Dollar General. It is hard to imagine but so many do not even have a set of pots and pans or the dishes to serve food on.

Our $50 grab bar for the tub is working out great so I am pleased to not have had to put out so much money and make the huge mess of replacing our tub.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I'm glad that your grab bar is working great...bath tub remodels are a mess.
The free yard sale was a blessing and I know it would serve your community well. Such wonderful nice people there too..might have to visit soon. Have a great day Lana!

Lana said...

You made an excellent point about meeting people too. I think that any church with a heart for others like that is for sure worth visiting.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Me too!

tealady said...


Little Penpen said...

Wow, you got some good stuff at the free sale. 48 degrees must feel yummy! Enjoy!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You know all the fans are off and it's just so peaceful. I'm reading a book and I'm covered up with a blanket. I could close a window but that takes so much effort! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy and you did so well at the church sale what a blessing as was the ketchup you picked up so cheaply. That is how we see our garden produce as blessings that fill the void in our pantry.

This week's goal is to clean up down the back of the property and chop up the fallen ironbark branches for firewood and hopefully get up the back gate. We are in town two days this week so we shall see how we go.

Our savings last week added up to $199.62 :).

Blessings & service to others -
- We met a local couple who own 112 acres of land here 5 mins from home who said we could cut as much firewood as we like for free. That indeed will keep us in free firewood for many years to come :). That will be a huge savings in our budget over buying it or sourcing it on road verges from lightning struck trees.
- We helped at the RSL club to make salads for a function there on Friday and Saturday. It was a great fundraiser for the club and was really successful.

Finances, internet listings and earnings -
- Paid an extra $175 payment off our home mortgage to save both interest and time on the loan. We are now over 7 months ahead on our mortgage payments.
- Listed 10 items on eBay on a free listing promotion saving $16.50 on usual listing fees.
- Made $10 from the sale of a homemade journal cover on eBay.

Home Decorating -
- I sewed another set of curtains from fabric I purchased for $3 a metre from Spotlight saving $$21.20 over buying them in the shops.
- Took back a curtain we purchased to Bunnings for a refund once I realised I had ordered enough fabric for all the curtains.
- DH put up the curtain rod holders and curtain rod for me and we hung the curtains and I put on the curtain rod ends.

In the kitchen -
- Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.

In the gardens and firewood stocking -
- Put up recycled heavy duty chicken wire around 3/4's of the garden beds to keep out the kangaroos saving us $161.92 in buying the wire new and hiring someone to do it for us.
- Trench composted vegetable scraps, fruit peels and crush egg shells in the garden beds to add nutrients to the soil.
- Split the rest of the firewood we got free from a lightning struck tree on the side of the road with our log splitter and stacked the firewood in the lean-to shed for more firewood supplies.
- Used water pumped from the grey water tank to water fruit, berry and ornamental flower gardens around the home.
- Used grey water from our hand washing bucket to water shrubs in gardens around the home.
- Saved shower warm up water was used to fill hand washing and cleaning water bottles around the home.

Hope everyone had a productive week and will have in the weeks ahead.

Sewingcreaions15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You had a great productive week Lorna. I especially love the blessings to others you fit in your schedule. what a nice blessing you received too with the firewood. Have a great week.

Jenny said...

If this comes through twice I apologize. I'm having brain freeze this weekend!

You found some super great deals & freebies this week! Don't you just love that? I had a good week as well though nothing as exciting as yours.

I had a dr app. in the city so I took advantage of going to a few of the larger thrift shops. Here is my haul.

Goodwill - Large lampshade $2.92: This is for an old torchiere lamp in my craft room. I've had this lamp over 30 yrs but it's very serviceable even though it's very ugly.It occurred to me that I could just top it with a large traditional shade & it works! The shade is in ok condition so I may do something to dress it up.
-2 children's books $1
-a like-new fox xylophone $1.91
-unopened pack of green tissue paper $1
-ceramic flower frog vase .55: I do not need another vase but I adore this one. It's round & white, very cute. I'll post pics on IG.

Samartian's House, a local shop that I just love. Their prices are very good & their store is so clean & organized.
-10 children's books $1
-brand new fall kitchen towel .25
-6 gallon bags of felt .25 a bag: super excited about this find. I'm working on a quiet book for my grandson & now I have a huge variety of colors!
-white stoneware bread platter $1.50: I could not pass this up. Super cute rectangular platter with the phrase 'A joyous heart makes the loaves taste better'. I don't think it's vintage but it looks vintage which I love.
-brand new unopened box of 16 notecards $1.50: perfect for my boy's SS class. Boy cards are hard to find
- one sheet of racing stickers with the name William .25: This is for a friend who is crafty & has a son named William who actually races!

I also did some Hobby Lobby clearance shopping!
-15 roll pack of boy themed washi tape, 10 yards in each roll $4.99
-7 rolls of mini fabric ribbon 6 yards per roll .24 each
-All season sticker book, 160 stickers $1.49

A couple of other frugal things I did:
I cleaned up my son's little red wooden wagon for my grandson to play with. My father-in-law made it for my son about 25 yrs ago. It's a big hit!
I had part of a pool noodle (I cut those apart & use them as safety guards) I took the partial piece & sliced it into rings for a game for my grandson.

Thanks for doing these weekly posts. They motivate me to try harder to make do.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You hit the jackpot on thrift stores last week! What's the chance of finding the name William on racing stickers! Perfect.
I love hand me down toys. What a great heirloom to keep pacing down. Have a great day Jenny!

Tammy said...

What great deals at the free yard sale....Now thats a novel concept...More people should do these to get rid of stuff and to bless others who could use the items. Great find on ketchup I had found some a while back at Dollar Tree for a buck. It was a big blessing. As on and husband go through it really fast. Do thrift shopping for me for this week or other shopping. Hoping to get a chance after my chemo appointment today. But will have to play that by ear.