Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 9/26/15- Just 5 Things this Week!

Just 5 things to list on my Frugal Ways this Week.   Everything helps though and I hope this might encourage someone that even small things matter.

Jacket for grandson for 50 cents-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

With the great fall weather we've been having there are still garage sales going on around us.  Went to a sale where everything was 50 cents.   I think that was their last day but I managed to find a couple of fall jackets for the grandson and my husband seemed satisfied with the things he found.   We went on to enjoy a couple more sales close by and found a few more things we thought that we needed. It was a fun morning.

Saved more rattlesnake green bean seed.  My jar is more full now. Every time I go to the garden I find more green beans that I missed on the vines.  

I made sure I download all the digital coupons and made a list of good deals that I wanted before I went to the grocery store.   We have been going to Aldi's a lot but there was a good sale at another store this week.  

I picked a couple of tomatoes for sandwiches.   By this time we usually have had a frost and I've picked green tomatoes to save for winter.   There probably won't be any this year ...they are just ripening on the vine.

Counted coins this week-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I counted and rolled up my coins this last week.   I decided to save hide them with a trip in mind but if something comes up I'll just go to the bank.   Out of sight out of mind.

Used the wrapping paper I saved from last year to wrap up grandson's birthday present.   I thought he might say something about how he was older now and on to other characters.  Not a word was said. All that he cared about was what was inside!

What ways have you saved money this week?

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