Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Garden Update for 7/13/16: Harvesting Garlic

Taking a shovel to the garlic- Garden Update Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

After a rain I got my little shovel and started in on harvesting the garlic. FYI...the garlic is the tall green onion looking stuff.  Just so you know..the rest are weeds.   So anyway..

The wheelbarrow full of garlic-halfway through-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Half way through I decided that harvesting garlic takes a little bit of time.  Getting a little impatient I decided to try what they tell you not to do.   I just pulled one.  

Don't pull the garlic this is what happens-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

First lesson:   Don't pull.   This is what happens.   I stopped before I lost it in the weeds.  

Great harvest-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I hung them up to dry in the garage.  I ended up with a great harvest and I can't wait to plant again in the Fall.   

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