Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner Table and My Goals for the Week 10/30/16!

We picked up a couple dozen Blue Ball Canning Jars someone had put out to the curb.   So pretty!

I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get to Swagbucks as much as I wanted.   On Saturday though I searched and earned 99 swagbucks!   Yeah!

I realized that we were not going to have a date night that I planned when I came down with a cold.   I looked on the Groupon I bought for a moonlit hayride (sigh) and realized I could still use it at their farm store for the amount I paid for it.  

I took the Kroger survey for more fuel points.

I started catching up on my Recyclebank reward points.  It has been a long time since I've done that.   It's great to get free magazines with the points.


Chicken Breasts                    6.82
Chicken Breasts                    6.02
Garden Salad            .99
3 Gallons of Milk         1.45
Almond Milk           1.99
2 boxes of tea           1.89
Bread                         ,99
cheese curls               .99
10 lb potatoes           2.99
2 sweet & salty bars 1.89
pizza                         1.99
half and half              1.89

total      $36.58

2nd trip to Aldi's 

1 gallon of milk         1.45
bananas              1.05
sliced ham          3.29
diapers                4.99
2 bread                     .99
grapefruit            1.78
caramel apples     1.49 (for 3)
4 sweet and salty bars      1.89
peanuts                   2.39
Pineapple               2.29
total    $28.57


Airheads             Free
Hershey bar        Free
6 Kroger pint ice cream 1.00 
2 Nathan Hot dogs   2.99
2 Hot dog buns  Free
Chips               2.99
Ivory Soup    3.69
2 small pies   2.00
2 Roasts $6.71 and $6.73
4 -12 pk Kroger pop           4/$9.00
bottle deposit +          $5.00
trident            1.00
bottle return   5.70
coupon for soap  -.75
Total   $42.94

Grand total   $108.49

What was on the Menu last week:

Monday           leftover chicken and sides

Tuesday           Chicken Noodle Soup, grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday      out to eat

Thursday         Chicken and gravy with corn

Friday              Leftovers

Saturday          Spaghetti w/garlic bread
Sunday            Sausage, eggs, and fried apples.   (I accidentally took out sausage instead of hamburger out of the freezer)

My goals for next week:

In and around the Home:

Make some more freezer meals.
(I didn't get to this last week)

Clean the spice cabinet and make up a batch of chili seasoning. (this didn't happen either)


Date night with my husband.


Write a book review

What ways have you saved this past week? 

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