Saturday, July 29, 2017

An Update on My Garden 7/29/17!

My zinnias growing in my vegetable garden are a delight.   I go out there a couple of times a week to pick a new bouquet for my table.  

There is no way to get a picture of this big garden growing.    I think next week I'll take one standing on a ladder.  That should do it!  

Here is a view from the other end, peeking through my bean towers.  You can see my old wheelbarrow off to the side.  That is one of our props to help scare off the deer.  We move that with the other things at least twice a week.   We haven't seen him (or her) in a while (knock on wood).   

I was so glad to look under the leaves of my first row of bean towers to find my rattlesnake green beans starting to grow! Exciting!  

The grandchildren last night found four more of these watermelons! We have a total of five so far growing!  

I have added two more cukes and two more zucchini to my harvest this morning.  

How's your garden growing?    If you have a blog feel free to leave a link to your latest garden post.  I'll visit you!

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