Friday, September 8, 2017

This Week in Our Home 9/8/17!

It so cool yesterday that we ended up picking beans in our jackets! We broke up a half bushel and then decided to put the other in the porch for the night.  With the window open it's just like a refrigerator (in the 40's)!  Don't worry we let the cat back inside. We have to watch him though he is like an escape artist.  

The canner is already working this morning.  It's a lot of work but so worth it in the wintertime! 

We went to the Detroit zoo this past week with the tickets I won at the Welcome Center for Michigan last month.  I always put it for everything, then forget about it, and get surprised if I win.  

One of my favorite exhibits was the prairie dogs.  They were so cute plus then the kids could do this: 

They went in a tunnel then popped out of little tubes like prairie dogs.  So cute, but they were popping and turning so fast it was very hard to take a picture.  I wanted to yell, be still so grandma can take a picture!  They wouldn't have heard me though.  

Smokey keeping me company as I blog and listen for the canner this morning.   

I'm praying for Florida, Texas, and the fires burning in the west.   There has been a lot of disasters that have or are coming our way in the United States.   

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