Saturday, January 27, 2018

Grocery Shopping Trip for 1/27/18 -Last week of No Spend January!

There is a story to tell about Aldi's this past week.   I drove up and looked all through my purse and realized I had not brought a quarter.  For those of you not familiar with Aldi's you need a quarter to get a cart (you get it back when you return your cart when your done).  I looked over at the carts lined up and realized some one had blessed me with a buggy.  They just left it there without getting their quarter in order to give someone a blessing.  That would be me!   I was so happy!   

When I got all done I did the same and got in my car.  Just out of curiosity, I looked in my rear view mirror, and then watched in unbelief  horror as the man behind me slide my cart into the slot. He got a quarter back for his buggy and mine.  He was so happy but I was heartbroken.  I wanted to keep that cart giving going!

I'm going to think just maybe he needed that quarter in the worst way.  That's way better than thinking so badly of him like I did at first. 😇


Macaroni and Cheese              $1.99
2 loaves of bread                    $1.49 each
2 Gallons of Milk                   $.188 each
Almond Milk                          $1.99
Bananas                                  $1.00
1 bag of onions                       $1.19
2 cartons of half and half        $1.69 each
Total                                        $16.29

I made sure while I was at Kroger to look at the discounted shelves.  I was so excited to get quite a bit off my groceries that way!  The expiration dates were not bad in fact they were many months off.  The box on the pop was badly damaged but I just can't beat a 12 pk of pop for .99 (the bottle deposit was more than the pop)!  


Discounted Kroger Fruit Snacks          $1.69 (36 pouches)
Discounted Kroger Strawberry and Cream oats  $.69
Discounted Kroger 12 pk of pop           $.99 (bottle deposit $1.20)
Discounted White Lilly Flour              $1.99
Discounted Oranges                             $1.98

Bag of Popcorn                                     Free
Olive oil 17 oz                                       Free

Mega Event (buy 5 get $5.00 off)
Scooby doo snacks                               $ .99  after coupons
2 Boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats      $1.29  (each after coupon)
2 Jars of Spaghetti Sauce                       $1.49 each (Plus I received a coupon for buying 2 jars for a $1.00 off my next purchase)
Kraft Mayo                                             $2.14 after coupon 

Kroger sure jell                                      $1.99

Bottle Returns - $4.50

Total  $14.97 

Let's Go Shopping Grandma!  
I was watching T.V. with our 3 year old granddaughter and I asked her did she want some bologna.  She said, oh yes, yes, yes.  I went to the refrigerator and realized someone had ate the last two pieces the night before. So I broke it to her that we didn't have any left.  They love to eat bologna at Grandma's and Pops house just so long as it's Koegel bologna made in Michigan.

Well, she looked at me kind of sad, put her little hand on my cheek, and said, "let's go shopping together Grandma."  I looked at my husband and before I could say a word he said "don't worry I'm going to Walmart."  Then he took off in a flash.  He was so happy!  

He spent exactly $20.00 (remember it was just supposed to be bologna)!  

I have to recall this by memory as he threw away the receipt. Oh, I remember the total very well.  

2 pks of bologna
1 pk of ham and cheese loaf
A lot of junk

All he said was the baby girl needed some bologna!   Someday I'll learn my lesson!

That brings my total for this week to $51.26 (over by $11.26)

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