Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past Week and the Last Week of No Spend January

Crochet a baby bib for an upcoming baby. 

Received 4 Glad trash bags in the mail (these are for donating and they came just in time for Spring Cleaning).

Went mall walking for exercise (twice)

Found a book on a blog I just had to have and reserved it at the library.

Made a cake instead of getting treats at the store.  I didn't have to use gas or get out in the cold! 

Answered the survey on the bottom of the Kroger receipt.

The Last Week of No Spend January! 

Funny things happen in the kitchen when you cook a lot!

You start to think about the way you use things even more on No Spend January. You want to make it stretch further than usual so you can buy other things. So this last week I found myself:

Saving the leftover butter when I made red lobster biscuits and used it on the garlic bread.

Using one less egg when we had scrambled eggs (I mixed in a little milk).

Used less butter to scramble them in.

I left the egg out of the cornbread.

All in all I think this whole thing might be as good for our waistline as well as our wallet!

Where did the money go?

I had $8.00 for my weekly spending money and I couldn't pass up some presents for the upcoming baby. I was able to buy two onesies and a jacket on markdown at Meijer.  The total was approximately $4.50.   

I pretty sure he overspent his money when he bought the sweatshirts that were on sale.  

Grocery Shopping:

Aldi  Picture not shown

3 gallons of milk -$1.69 a gallon

1 pint of half and half

Total $6.96



3 banquet frozen meals $1.99

Fit Kitchen (free download)

Nestle Splash Water (free download)

2-Better made chips $2.00

Bananas $1.55

Spaghetti .50

Macaroni .50

3 pouches of  starkist tuna .66 after digital coupon

donuts .59

Kroger cheese $1.77

strudel $1.99

Potatoes russet $3.99 (10 lb)

Butter $3.69 (I was going to buy this at Aldi's but I ran into someone I knew and that was the last time I remember thinking about it)

Lettuce $,99

Not shown 5 cartons of Kroger pop $2.00 (plus deposit of $1.20 each)

-Bottle return of $5.60

-store coupon .50

-digital coupon $1.00/3 pouches of starkist tuna

Total $38.11

Overage of  $5.07 Total over of  $19,07

How much did we save this month?

I very proud to say that we saved a little over $700.  Truth be told this is not enough for our bedroom makeover.  It might get us some paint, carpet, and get us started on paying the dry wall man. We haven't exactly priced everything out yet. I think we'll need to do a Low spend February to try and save more.  

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