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My Frugal Ways this Past Week 11/27/16!

Turkeys that made it through Thanksgiving living in the nature preserve-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden
These turkeys made it, they live in the nature preserve!  

I hope everyone had a great holiday!     

Here are the ways I saved time and money this week:

In order to get things done for Thanksgiving day I made some of the dressing ingredients on Monday and Tuesday. For instance, I made plenty of biscuits on Monday to go with our breakfast meal. While the husband was peeling the apples I also had him peel enough potatoes for Thanksgiving Day mashed potatoes. We covered them with water in a covered Tupperware style bowl and stored them in the fridge.  Tuesday I made extra cornbread.

We had planned pork chop leftovers on Wednesday which left me enough time to make the desserts. I used the pie crusts that I had frozen ahead of time.

I turned the turkey upside down and it was the best turkey we have ever had!   Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement.  I will be making it like this from now on.  

I used my sage that I grew this summer in my herb garden in my cornbread dressing.  Somehow that made it taste even better!

I answered the survey on our Kroger receipt for more fuel points.

I bought two turkeys at .59 cents a pound at Kroger for later use.  

Grand baby with her cake (making a funny face) -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I decorated the grand baby's birthday cake.  Here she is making a funny face.   She wanted to stay warm and we couldn't get her out of her sleeper!   Mom dressed her up the next day.  

I need just 1/2 cup of powdered sugar so instead of making a trip to the store, I made it myself.


Kroger (Tuesday)

Kroger shopping Trip-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

4 cartons of Kroger pop  $2.25 each plus $1.20 each for deposit (not shown)
5 Pkgs. Ball Park Frank hot dogs    .99 each (marked down)
Bob Evan sausage    $2.99
2 pints of Kroger ice cream   $1.00 each
3 donuts from bakery     $1.50
Potato Chips     $2.50
Turkey Hill Ice cream   $2.50 (birthday)
2 pkgs of Hawaiian rolls  $2.50 each
Kroger cheese    $1.67
Kroger Turkey    $7.81
Kroger Turkey     $7.45
Cool whip           $1.00
8 Kroger gravy      $1.00 each
2 dozen Large Egg    $1.19 a dozen (marked down)


Free Cheese Slices $1.67
$1.00 off Kroger Pop
Bot return   $4.60 and $5.20
Total   $52.28

Aldi shopping -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden


Shredded Wheat cereal     1.99
Cinnamon Toast crunch  1.29
2 half and half $1.89 each
Sweet potatoes .99
cooked ham slices   3.29
3 gallons of whole milk  1.59 each
lettuce .99
2 powdered sugar   .99 each
Vegetable shortening   2.89
Almond milk     1.99
bananas   .59 (.24 lb)
wheat bread   .99
taquitos   3.99

Total  $30.89

Black Friday Shopping

JC Penny

I received a $10 off $10 coupon in the mail and saved it.  I also received another coupon at the door.  

Here is what I bought:

4 towels  $2.99 each
Sub Total $11.96
Tax $ .12
coupon -$10.00
Total $2.08

I did two separate transactions.   I bought a total of 8 towels for $4.16!  

Rite Aid:

1 Conair Brush  $3.00
1 pkg scunci      $3.00
2 boxes of kleenex  $2,00
2 rite aid tapes   $2.00
Spent $12.00
Received 1000 Plenti points!  
Like spending $2.00

I won't tell you what we got at Menard's because some of them were gifts!   They had everything in stock we wanted. 

Our Menu for this past week:

Monday            Bacon, eggs, fried apples, gravy, and Biscuits

Tuesday            Fried Pork chops, Mustard greens, and Cornbread

Wednesday       Leftover fried pork chops,

Thursday          Thanksgiving!   Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, and rolls.   Dessert:  Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple pie, and the rest of the chocolate birthday cake.

Friday               Leftovers!

Saturday           Out to eat
Sunday             Chicken Turkey Noodle Soup

My goals for next week:

In and around the Home:

Keep working on a afghan I'm making for a present.

Go for walks.   

Start decorating.

Wrap some presents.


Write a book review.

Post two giveaways!   

What ways have you saved this past week? 

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